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Super figure
Now in the popular & ldquo; super girl & rdquo; but this class is popular & ldquo; super people” & mdash; mdash; & ldquo; super characters & rdquo;. The so-called & ldquo; super characters & rdquo; Oakley Juliet Sunglasses refers to what the mind than anyone smart ah, called a genius ah, what kind of music do good ah, appearance beauty ah, gentle personality, and so on. When it comes to this, but the class is a meta, let the girl to introduce you to introduce it. Genius when it comes to & ldquo; genius & rdquo; and the person in the whole grade almost nobody do not know, Wurenbuxiao ah, that is the Oakley sunglasses outlet class number one genius & mdash mdash; Cheng Yiming. The elder brother Ren too did not sound good, a bit like a polar bear, with a pair of eyes, always put on a shelf. But the results can be bad Oh, regardless of what the teacher says he heard will be able to understand, even to the teacher didn’t speak he has been well aware of, sometimes even the teacher find humbling. He knows more than we do, whether we learn it or not. Once he and several classmates instead of our class to participate in a mathematics competition, he is full of confidence, when out of the examination room is, almost everybody dejected, only he is still a face of serious, confidence, the result is really live up to expectations, got the first name of the class, okay, is even second place with him are difference of several minutes. Genius super characters! This class of talented talented woman is a well deserved reputation. She is well versed in the fancies of men of letters. She pull a good hand piano & mdash; & mdash; violin, she pulled out of the music intoxicated, let a person feel as if in Wonderland general, listen to forget everything that happens in the side and on the other side of the people. Other memorable. Her singing is very relaxed, I this wuyinbuquan people admire, admire admire. For chess, she is also quite studies, chess, chess, backgammon & hellip; & hellip; although it cannot be said to be the highest realm, but also regarded as is the master. Class “ chess ” in her dozens of plate end neither in victory nor defeat. Maths, Chinese, English, geography, history, and so on, she invariably superior, have a good few month once kids Oakley sunglasses test stand on Cheng Yiming, so we had to find humbling. Traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, pencil sketching is her favorite, as long as the material is complete, whether how difficult the painting she painted lifelike. You said this is not a talented woman? Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is our class monitor, the famous Luo Yueting. This tomboy tomboy in the whole year of fame but bigger than genius and talented Luo Yueting Cheng yiming. “ he ” call Li Beibei, see him in this word in the quotation marks, you should know that he is a girl. But why is she called a false boy, who knows her. Let me give you describe it: Men’s ears and cocked high hair, big eyes, thick eyebrows, high bridge of the nose, small mouth lip right above there is a mole, always wearing yellow men’s T-shirt, blue jeans, blue and white casual shoes. How, know why she called the false boy, your brain should also have her appearance, I am, is not very cool. Last time, the school to find our class of seven students to clean the campus, which has three boys and four girls, which also has Li Beibei, which can make a lot of jokes. When the director asked us to pick up the garbage, the director said: “ two girls go to the garbage, five boys with me. ” just say we laugh, and director said: “ not three girls, she is also a woman. ” “ ah? This man is a woman ah? ” “ right. She’s a girl. & rdquo; before we finished our director will smile, a face & ldquo; Shua & rdquo; the sound of red, make us laugh. We had asked her why she was wearing it, but she did not say, we always take her no way, but she often help us, and the sum of the boys together, we have become accustomed to. But she is really worthy of the name of the “ super ‘ handsome guy ’ ” oh.