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Fatherly love is everyone to read a book, in my heart, is the selfless love. What impressed me most was that I was hospitalized and dad cared for me. It was an afternoon last year, my mother sent me to school as usual, but in a corner, US, and a motorcycle hit together in … … father received the news, immediately rushed to the scene, and my mother to the hospital. To the hospital, dad did not breathe; no rest for a minute, a second, and is registered, it is with my mother and I go to take an X-ray, just finished and to contact with the police, he was busy sweating. The feet of the pain prompted me to tears on the Su Su on “ ” fall down, but I can endure pain, not to cry. Later, I finally could not stand the pain, bawler. Dad looked at, Oakley sunglasses custom and the traffic police stopped the conversation, patted my shoulder, comfort: “ Xu Zhi, darling, don’t cry. The doctor said, just a small injury, as long as the observation will be good. ” hearing the words, my heart was hanging down, stop moaning, smile through tears. Dad smiled at me and took me to the ward. Father gently put me in the bed, for I Yi Yi drive angle. We are not talking to each other, dad is just using the sympathetic eye looked at me silently. “ well, go to sleep. Dad’s going to see Mommy. I’m leaving。 ” after a while, he spoke softly and slowly. I nodded my head. He rang the bell of the angle, just shut the door. After a long time, I heard the sound of sucking, a look up, turned out to be dad. He devoured, Dakoutaikou steak dinner. I murmured: “ dad must be hungry. ” dad heard the sound, put down the chopsticks: “ chant Zhi, wake up ah. Come on, come on! Dad feed you. ” “ grace. ” I said softly, suddenly moved: such a small voice he heard, even Oakley sunglasses warranty eat a meal are watching me! Thought of here, my tears once again poured out, trickle in the face, cold. “ grace? ” dad frowned, “ why are you crying again? Eat quickly, finish eating and then sleep. ” I pushed the bowl, indent the bed, only to hear him gently with a sigh. I cover your ears, head buried in his chest, forcing himself to close my eyes … … mengmenglonglong, I feel who pushed me. I asked vaguely: “ who … … who? ” “ dad. ” I climb up, take a closer look, shocked: Dad wet, a sneeze. I do not believe my eyes, think it is a dream. I rubbed my eyes, and pinch pinch arm ache. I am very surprised, ask: “ &hellip … father; father you, you … … ” dad embarrassed smile, scratching the scalp: Uh … … “ Dad see the cold weather, get back to your bed quilts, and boil a bowl of ginger, but … … and the heavy rain, no car, I … … oh. Here! Ginger, while hot drink. ” I refrained from tears in my eyes, and nodded. I took the bowl filled with a deep love of the ginger, think it’s heavy. I gently sip, bitter. I frowned and handed the bowl to dad. But Dad did not answer, but with encouraging attention to look at me, constantly encouraged me. My father is tired! I want daddy to relax! I bite, raised his head, gudonggudong drank, and then I saw my dad smiled, and then he said: “ zhenguai, go to sleep. ” the glare of the sun woke me up, I looked, dad is not in. I quickly ran out of bed, to find dad. Just step, dad with a basket of fruit appeared in front of me. I see, not usually the spirit of the father, but a lot of wrinkles, eyes bloodshot father. At this moment, a warm man on my mind: yeah! Father is tired! Just one night only, the wrinkles on his face becomes more … … suddenly I deeply sorry for my father. Yes ah! Dad takes care of me every day.Hogan scarpeGo back to work, and to go home and take care of the mother ah, how tired! Is this father great? This is the great father? Great! My mood can not suppress the tears, as the breaching of the dike gushing floodwaters … … this afternoon, I was discharged from the hospital, the sun is shining on his face, he is particularly the spirit of … … father