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About weeding essay

summer vacation , my mom and dad went to my grandfather ‘s house to play .

One morning , I finished the job , and oakley sunglass case my grandfather went to the fields weeding , I thought : I’m great strength, must be very easy to pull the grass and clean .

We went to the ground, at first glance , tall and dense grass .
I roll up their sleeves , they started up .
I saw a particularly long grass , it grabbed its head , I did not expect , did not actually come out to uproot .
How is this going ?
Grandpa said : 0026 ldquo; This is an old grass, very deeply rooted , if you just pinch the head , you can only pull the upper part , could not pull the bottom half .
oakley prescription sunglasses uk So, you have to hold the roots , pull up from below .
0026 rdquo;

I listened to my grandfather , then did as he said, look, bent down to pull from the bottom up , and sure enough it uprooted again.

Weeding think so too have learned , and today they learned a thing , really pleasing.