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Castle Peak teacher’s teaching way
The first Shaanxi Yangling high school 4 class teacher Li Yaming castle is castle Gaochun County of Jiangsu Province, primary school language teacher Wang Weidong, there are 5 columns of his personal home page: “ &rdquo &ldquo, a flower;; wonderful flower on ” and “ teach: ” ldquo & ” suiyueliuhen; and “ Xinlingzhiyue ”. Where: “ a floral ” designed to collect students’ composition, &ldquo &rdquo is a wonderful flower; evaluation; the other teachers to students writing comments, “ teach: ” experience, he engaged in primary school Chinese teaching experience of “ suiyueliuhen & rdquo; and “ Xinlingzhiyue ” is his diary and spiritual insights. This paper tries to discuss the way of his teaching from his personal homepage. We might as well from the start, the teacher in charge work system right now, but it is a deeply rooted in the hearts of students hope project. He said: we must first learn to respect students, let students have words to say; secondly, to learn to listen to children, know the secret; then to be good at capturing the student body flash thing, let the students have confidence; finally going to care for a child with love, let the students become the master class. Respect for → listen to → catch → care, a good love with a teacher in charge of the work process. Wang believed that: teachers should smile, listen to praise and support bridge the equal dialogue between teachers and students, teachers should teach students for a lifetime thing, the teacher’s task is to let students smart. He proposed that teachers must have “ three Zhi ” that is, “ mental &rdqmens Oakley;; “ rational ” and “ wit ”. He said: “ teachers should be wise to open the window of wisdom, teachers should use reason to guide students to the wisdom of the road, teachers should use the wisdom to tap the infinite wisdom of students. ” Wang emphasizes writing to “ precept, he said: ” “ teachers should take the lead in writing this article, if there is no teacher’s personal writing experience, will help students to write this article as the good method to teach Oakley sunglass sale. ” therefore, he creatively put forward the student “ ‘ &rsquo, let the students have their peers; to say; when the students read the &lsquo guide; ’, so that students have to say; do the students writing with ‘ ’, the students would say. ” in order to make students have something to say, he said “ imagination is the soul of compositions, boundless imagination space. Because of the imagination, the composition of the proposition can have a unique style, fascinating; because of the composition of the layout can be imagined, Qujingtongyou, thought-provoking; because of the imagination, phrasing such as fireworks spit pearls, many people good to hear or see. ” Mr. Wang said, excerpts can raise the sails of the composition. He believes that: “ classified excerpts can be found in the United States, comments can appreciate the United States, the composition of the training can create beauty, speeches and contributions can inspire the United states. ” in order to make students have something to say, he told everyone, open the tap water source, and, with the savings for a cistern. Therefore, we must pay attention to nature and life, and be good at observation, thinking, memory and accumulation. He said, “ metaphor, personification and other rhetoric is the best carrier of imagination. ” in order to make students would say, he pointed out: “ the connotation of various crystalline compound knowledge, from different angles can get it to extraordinary splendor. So only to all kinds of knowledge, we can imagine thinking in all directions, can pass through time and space, to around every compositionSandali HoganSource, ease. ” from students to respect and care into the heart, from the imagination is the composition of the soul to the students have something to say, from the observation of accumulated to students to have something to say, from “ three Chi ” leading to the students raising composition of the fan, it is imbued with Wang’s mind. For the student, teacher Wang ran out of heart, full of wisdom; for the children, teacher Wang is full of fatherly, depletion of blood, this is the way of teaching Wang Weidong teacher. Review: read a lot of Qingshan primary school students, it is the original gaotu be not of the common sort. Castle Peak teacher’s teaching way