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My good friend
She and I are the same, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth, she is my good friend. She love sports, especially gifted in running, in Banlike is one, each time no matter is the school sports meeting or other race, she always is in the class to add luster. She also likes drawing, for example, this time “ legal comic competition ” and her works won the praise of the teachers! She is an optimistic and cheerful girl, and she can bring happiness to others. I remember once, I was a few things to worry, in the school on the road has been depressed, is careful of her peers preoccupied by some troubles, I observed the wrong, he said humorously: “ oh! Today seems a lark disappeared, no chirping sound?! &rdquo. I recognized what she meant. I just smiled and said, “&ldquo?” Maybe they have something to deal with. &rdoakley Ducati sunglassesquo; “ Kazakhstan, So that is what it is. ” she was pretending, “ the sparrow would not be idle today. She said, ” “ today, I met some very funny things … … ” at the beginning, I have not let go, but gradually, I was her curious expression and full of sound and colour “ speech ” amused laughing, finally to those not liking uproarious. What would fly to the winds of … … another time, because her teeth are not neat, so often will be some indecent nickname, being made fun of, this is not the naughty boy started this game, pointing, made some harbour evil designs. Laughter. After school, I couldn’t help asking her: “&ldquo, are you always being discriminated against and ridiculed?” Don’t you feel sad or sad? &rdquo, “she said quietly.” &ldquo. Sad, of course, but what? Mouth long in other people, love how to say, I also can not manage, anyway, we are not alwaysTimberland HerenSay, appearance is not important, is the heart kind is beautiful? … … ” finish saying, give me a bright smile. I don’t know how much she secretly pressure, how much pain, but I was really the girl conquered, I have to admire her, she is a sentence should be: ‘ go your own way, let others say ’! She is such an optimistic and cheerful person. She is also a girl who is conscientious and responsible for her work. In the class, she served as head of the group and health committee. I remember once, I forgot to bring my family wanted to let her listen to this, accommodation, not on my name, but she is still kaifengfu Bao — — just and stern, still solidly training my meal: “ no, as the monitor how can you do it? We should do, if everyone does it, it is confusing, so you should play a leading role as a monitor, you must put the book back this afternoon, I went to your name … … my head bowed in shame, then, in her influence, I became a steadfast. As a member of the health committee, she is more precise. Every Oakley sunglasses for women are carefully checked the window can not have little dust, there can be little corner of garbage, the ground is not to mention the … … because of her serious and responsible teacher, to become a good helper of trust. Oh, I don’t know who she is after talking for so long. She’s Deng Rujing, my best friend, my best friend! Comment: she, with my classmate, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth, she is my good friend. Change: she is my good friend and my classmate, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth. This article links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/14121031547361772948.htm, the next page is more exciting, 12345 next page, my good friend

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The “dream” role in reality
“ &rdquo character in the Fantasy Westward Journey; the noble and elegant dance days Ji, has a cute mysterious color, a man temperament of the British woman … … this is the game, but in reality there will be? Of course, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that you will also have dancing, &rdquo, &hellip, and … let me tell you the &ldquo around me, the dream, and the characters! There is a lovely fairy butterfly wings — — color Xuan son similar: linger linger is my classmate, she is very cute, every day like a happy little fairy. She likes butterflies very much. (that’s why I chose her as &ldquo. &rdquo). Most of the things in life can’t be separated from butterflies. (&ldquo, &rdquo, clan!) : the head of the hairpin, the pattern on the clothes (if not she will hold a butterfly butterfly brooch, quilt bag up) on the logo, sleeping, gargle cup … … it can have a butterfly. The elegant beauty of Saint — — Dance: similar days Ji Yiyi Yiyi is my best friend, she is a real lady, family is very rich (“ &rdquo Ji Dance Day is a rich woman; come, her body is a jewel, a little princess () is the process of the “ dancing days Ji ” noble characteristics), although her living environment is very good, but she is not a bit proud, mouth always with a sweet smile, cute (kazakhstan! I love dancing days Ji “ ” is cute! The others were hit by me! Yiyi: (Yingying, I which is as good as you say, I do good than hello! You don’tHogan Donne 2016Praise me too much! A wayward lively spirit of — — bone spirit similar: quiet quiet is my classmate, is my deskmate, you don’t call her quiet (do not know how to take the name of her parents), she is not a bit quiet, she is a careless, unruly girl, in general a words: downtown! She said a little trouble is not false, not walking in the walk, like a rabbit jump (jump building earthquake); when the class in that happy to sing a little song (of course Oakley sunglasses Ireland teacher know her virtue can not speak of her home); the cat was she got a root hairs are gone, the cat saw her like hell to hide; excited when not, worse than eating stimulants … … I am afraid of her! (foreign language: that … … now, don’t look at me with that sinister look. I’m complimenting you, &hellip, &hellip. That’s what I have to do. See you next time! Quiet: where are you going to escape? I actually said diaoman capricious, but I really &ldquo &rdquo, you are a lady;; ruin my reputation!) A man temperament housekeeper miss — — British woman like a man: This is my neighbor today today today, with a head of boys, although she is a girl, but a boy character, and male Oakley Holbrook sunglasses also love kids, love also fights, climb trees, practical joke … &hellip the boys love playing; girls, those dolls, dress, bracelet … … and she did not have any relationship, the relationship between girls and also far away (except me, when we are playing together, of course!) In short, the boys do what she does, the girls do she does not do. A quiet moment naughty and cute (double character) the biyuexiuhua miss — — female swallows similar: I (ha ha, finally to me) although I love most is the dance day Ji, but I do not deny that I like the swallow is female, double character I, was so quiet, you made got no fire, a special trouble, certainly not so quiet. Although there is no swallow that female beautiful face, but I also look good! (Lian Hong) the flying girl is wearing a ponytail like hair, and I also like the ponytail (it seems better, quiet!). Generally speaking, I like the female swallows. All right, &ldquo, fantasy &rdquo. 6 female characters. I’m all over you. Who do you think you are? Who do you like best? Tell me all about it! This chapter links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315473008664899.htm next page, more exciting, 12345, the next page of the “dream” role in reality

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My network teacher
When I was in &ldquo, &rdquo, and saw the article “My Castle Peak teacher”, the idea of knowing this helpful online teacher was coming into existence. After several turns, I finally got what I wanted. So the teacher from the &ldquo network; &rdquo network on the vanguard of pupil composition; I walked into the Oakley sunglasses lenses for writing life, at first he will add as a friend, because online essay article that praised him how good, I have half believe and half doubt the world really have, such a good teacher? With some curiosity and expectation, I will often send messages to ask his writing skills, he did not think of strangers and full of patience not to mind taking the trouble to respond to every message from me, so he became my good teachers and helpful friends. In the first model “ network ” the net, he read my personal space composition “tolerance”, commented: “ in the overload of the earth, in the compressed living space, such as an oxygen tolerant machine, because it can we breathe because of its sense of ease, our living space is constantly extended, because of it we will have peace, peace and harmony! ” later “tolerance” published in “ excellent composition of selected primary school edition magazine ” Ninth; he told “if I were the little angel of love” praise is small: “ the author not only full of love, it is more important to understand innovation. She is not a simple &lsquo, but in ’ able to perform wonders; pure society and birth Oakley perscription Sunglasses born beautiful, created is outHogan Donne 2016A deep double beauty! She saved not only the visible body, but also the invisible soul! ” shortly after “if I were a little angel of love” is the “Zhanjiang daily” published in the Education Edition; see my “thanksgiving” this article, he said to me: “ mother’s love is a never-ending River, mother’s love is a song always don’t finish writing the poem, Thanksgiving mother is always opens on delicate fragrance of flowers. ” in the mother’s Day is coming, I designed for my mother to write an article — — “special gift”, he commented on the Internet after reading: “ nature because of the sun, and makes things with color; people with a mutual love of — — care let the world is full of warmth and gratitude. A gift is special, a special love given to someone special. ”; “the captain of the day” he said: “ this article looks like the tender branches of a very mature fruit, maturity is certainly beautiful, but a thousand fruit flavor, but sour and very true ah! A fruit hundred flavor, memorable! For this article, you are the most important thing is to write in the days of the captain of the real experience, with the process to speak, intentions to express, even if it is bit by bit! Remember, writing is not for meeting other people’s tastes, but for me to write my heart, even if others don’t like it. So what?! &rdquo: I benefited a lot from these comments or comments. He is like a beacon light that lights my way in the direction of my writing. I have the honour to be in &ldquo ” tell the truth; this version of the owner, he sent me the message: “ Wei, congratulations to you as a moderator in! You must do it well! In the face of other people’s words, your words must be careful, you should stand in other people’s position, consider problems, help solve problems, and spread happiness! In the face of other people’s trust in you, you should repay them with true love! ” after reading, my heart warm. Sometimes, I think, he is an elder whom I respect; sometimes he is a bosom friend. Here we see whether he can scarcely wait to know what is sacred? I’m telling you, My network teacher — — his name is Wang Weidong. I am &ldquo from his personal information; ” see his picture, his handsome, graceful bearing, sunny smile on the face, so inspiring. He said &ldquo in a self introduction; I teach in Gaochun County town of Nanjing City Qingshan primary school. The simple one, carrying rich thoughts, is trying to change himself and the students. Have their own pursuit, that is, in the footsteps of the child’s growth, sowing the seeds of hope, to teach students useful things in life, to each child germination of soil and opportunities. All along, pay attention to student education and students’ composition, writing teaching. &rdquo: This is my web teacher. He never shows off himself, nor does he expect anything in return. Miss Wang is Life is but a dream., your dreams for my seed sowing, let me dream of rooting and germination. On the journey of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me, enriched my heart, and added my wisdom. Your love is as warm as the sun, as warm as the spring breeze, as sweet as the spring. I love you, broad-minded, knowledgeable, silent dedication, no return of the network teacher! Source: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xielaoshidezuowen\/141210315475300314836.htm, the next page is more exciting, 12345 next page, my online teacher

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Our class of “little bao”
“ hand in your homework! Hand in the blue tree! Our class ” “ small Bao ” again urged me to hand in his homework. Handsome little Bao “ ” long protruding forehead (forehead prominent people are generally very clever), a pair of sparkling water Lingling big eyes, high nose, rosy face, round mouth, fleshy chin · · · &middot & middot;; · in short, any good things are long on him. “ small Bao ” and I am very good “ iron man ”, but he didn’t speak &ldquo &rdquo brotherhood;. One morning, the fresh air made my breath more clear. I came to the classroom, &ldquo has just entered the threshold; small Bao ” suddenly emerged from my eyes, then, is three words: &ldquo — deafening; — — — industry! &rdquo, I almost broke my eardrum. I came to my seat and opened my bag. As I looked around, I found my homework was not in my bag. It was probably yesterday that I forgot to load it when I packed my bag. “ probably not! “&rdquo,” I said. &ldquo? Possible? ” “ without! Are you satisfied?! Hum! ” “ small Bao ” nothing, to the podium, on the blackboard wrote six Chinese characters: the blue tree did not do his homework!!! Looking at these six characters, my unobstructed breathing stopped up immediately. I rushed to pull small Bao “ ” “ collar: what makes you say I didn’t do homework!? I just didn’t bring it! ” “ just? ” “ small Bao ” put my hands clawed, without “ as did! ” “ why do you want to add three exclamation mark? ” “ I just want to let the teacher and classmates know you didn’t do this job class! ” I’m right mouth close to “ small Bao ” ear murmured: “ accommodation accommodation! ” “ hum! No way! ” “ small Bao ” shout aloud. I could not express my anger! From then on I and “ small Bao ” node “ ”. Shortly after, cheap Oakley sunglasses my homework to the &ldquo &rdquooakley Womens Sunglasses; small Bao; there, “ small Bao ” I saw the corner of a little break: “ fast glue! ” “ small Bao ” “. I went back to the range, the angry taped corner glued with “ ” it will work this hit “ small Bao ” desk. “ dinglinger zero &mdashScarpe Hogan— ” the class, the teacher smiled and walked to the classroom: “ blue tree students deserve praise; he found the book corner intentionally a little broken, it promptly glued! ” I wanted to say &ldquo small room; Bao ” &ldquo, ” credit; the word can be egoistic pressing on me, I can not say these seven words. Therefore, I have a small &rdquo and “ Bao; a friend with me. “ small Bao ” face “ &rdquo and “ friends; due diligence ” he would choose &ldquo, &rdquo, and others; due diligence; may choose “ &rdquo, “ friends; small Bao ” the practice of Nanjing I admire. If you can keep a secret for me, I will tell you, “ small Bao ” my brother is doing — — — — Wu Yutong review: vivid, humorous language. Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315476404521334.htm page more wonderful page 12345 of our class “little bao”

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Super figure
Now in the popular & ldquo; super girl & rdquo; but this class is popular & ldquo; super people” & mdash; mdash; & ldquo; super characters & rdquo;. The so-called & ldquo; super characters & rdquo; Oakley Juliet Sunglasses refers to what the mind than anyone smart ah, called a genius ah, what kind of music do good ah, appearance beauty ah, gentle personality, and so on. When it comes to this, but the class is a meta, let the girl to introduce you to introduce it. Genius when it comes to & ldquo; genius & rdquo; and the person in the whole grade almost nobody do not know, Wurenbuxiao ah, that is the Oakley sunglasses outlet class number one genius & mdash mdash; Cheng Yiming. The elder brother Ren too did not sound good, a bit like a polar bear, with a pair of eyes, always put on a shelf. But the results can be bad Oh, regardless of what the teacher says he heard will be able to understand, even to the teacher didn’t speak he has been well aware of, sometimes even the teacher find humbling. He knows more than we do, whether we learn it or not. Once he and several classmates instead of our class to participate in a mathematics competition, he is full of confidence, when out of the examination room is, almost everybody dejected, only he is still a face of serious, confidence, the result is really live up to expectations, got the first name of the class, okay, is even second place with him are difference of several minutes. Genius super characters! This class of talented talented woman is a well deserved reputation. She is well versed in the fancies of men of letters. She pull a good hand piano & mdash; & mdash; violin, she pulled out of the music intoxicated, let a person feel as if in Wonderland general, listen to forget everything that happens in the side and on the other side of the people. Other memorable. Her singing is very relaxed, I this wuyinbuquan people admire, admire admire. For chess, she is also quite studies, chess, chess, backgammon & hellip; & hellip; although it cannot be said to be the highest realm, but also regarded as is the master. Class “ chess ” in her dozens of plate end neither in victory nor defeat. Maths, Chinese, English, geography, history, and so on, she invariably superior, have a good few month once kids Oakley sunglasses test stand on Cheng Yiming, so we had to find humbling. Traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, pencil sketching is her favorite, as long as the material is complete, whether how difficult the painting she painted lifelike. You said this is not a talented woman? Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is our class monitor, the famous Luo Yueting. This tomboy tomboy in the whole year of fame but bigger than genius and talented Luo Yueting Cheng yiming. “ he ” call Li Beibei, see him in this word in the quotation marks, you should know that he is a girl. But why is she called a false boy, who knows her. Let me give you describe it: Men’s ears and cocked high hair, big eyes, thick eyebrows, high bridge of the nose, small mouth lip right above there is a mole, always wearing yellow men’s T-shirt, blue jeans, blue and white casual shoes. How, know why she called the false boy, your brain should also have her appearance, I am, is not very cool. Last time, the school to find our class of seven students to clean the campus, which has three boys and four girls, which also has Li Beibei, which can make a lot of jokes. When the director asked us to pick up the garbage, the director said: “ two girls go to the garbage, five boys with me. ” just say we laugh, and director said: “ not three girls, she is also a woman. ” “ ah? This man is a woman ah? ” “ right. She’s a girl. & rdquo; before we finished our director will smile, a face & ldquo; Shua & rdquo; the sound of red, make us laugh. We had asked her why she was wearing it, but she did not say, we always take her no way, but she often help us, and the sum of the boys together, we have become accustomed to. But she is really worthy of the name of the “ super ‘ handsome guy ’ ” oh.

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volleyball practice

Because the school to be playing volleyball game in the game in order to be able to get a better result, red teacher let us practice not only in school, but also to practice at home with mom and dad,

Night I finished teacher assignments, take a look at the watch, less than eight, came up with Mom and Dad volleyball practice.
However, and who practice it?
Or first mother and practice it! Listen to her that she had played volleyball these days.
Can practice for a while, I found my mother was not hit too, probably because of the reasons for a long time not to practice it!
So, I decided to use my last fight, Mom catch, then threw the way, they practiced for a while, we would like to see three minutes in the end you can hit a few.
0026 Ldquo; three!
0026 Rdquo; as the father of the order, we were immediately hit up.
But the name of the name, a new problem is exposed: Mom’s ball is too slow, the result three minutes down, actually before playing the next forty-five, which is a little too little of it!
We tried again, although this time the mother faster, and can end only fifty-nine under, or too little.
No, to substitutions.
Oakley sunglasses flak jacket I decided to play with their father.
Dad agile, believe me he will create with a good result.
In practice design oakley sunglasses, I found my father not only prospective bidders, and some I did not lay the ball, he can get caught firmly, it seems dad is really a good candidate.
So we tried again, and sure enough, great progress, playing under seventy-six.
Seventeen full progress than before under ah! We are extremely pleased to oakley sunglasses custom.

But mom still feel not enough, because last year we have the best results, but one hundred twenty-seven under it!
Therefore, we must strive for breaking the previous record.
Believe me, we will do it, you just wait and see!