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Our class of “little bao”
“ hand in your homework! Hand in the blue tree! Our class ” “ small Bao ” again urged me to hand in his homework. Handsome little Bao “ ” long protruding forehead (forehead prominent people are generally very clever), a pair of sparkling water Lingling big eyes, high nose, rosy face, round mouth, fleshy chin · · · &middot & middot;; · in short, any good things are long on him. “ small Bao ” and I am very good “ iron man ”, but he didn’t speak &ldquo &rdquo brotherhood;. One morning, the fresh air made my breath more clear. I came to the classroom, &ldquo has just entered the threshold; small Bao ” suddenly emerged from my eyes, then, is three words: &ldquo — deafening; — — — industry! &rdquo, I almost broke my eardrum. I came to my seat and opened my bag. As I looked around, I found my homework was not in my bag. It was probably yesterday that I forgot to load it when I packed my bag. “ probably not! “&rdquo,” I said. &ldquo? Possible? ” “ without! Are you satisfied?! Hum! ” “ small Bao ” nothing, to the podium, on the blackboard wrote six Chinese characters: the blue tree did not do his homework!!! Looking at these six characters, my unobstructed breathing stopped up immediately. I rushed to pull small Bao “ ” “ collar: what makes you say I didn’t do homework!? I just didn’t bring it! ” “ just? ” “ small Bao ” put my hands clawed, without “ as did! ” “ why do you want to add three exclamation mark? ” “ I just want to let the teacher and classmates know you didn’t do this job class! ” I’m right mouth close to “ small Bao ” ear murmured: “ accommodation accommodation! ” “ hum! No way! ” “ small Bao ” shout aloud. I could not express my anger! From then on I and “ small Bao ” node “ ”. Shortly after, cheap Oakley sunglasses my homework to the &ldquo &rdquooakley Womens Sunglasses; small Bao; there, “ small Bao ” I saw the corner of a little break: “ fast glue! ” “ small Bao ” “. I went back to the range, the angry taped corner glued with “ ” it will work this hit “ small Bao ” desk. “ dinglinger zero &mdashScarpe Hogan— ” the class, the teacher smiled and walked to the classroom: “ blue tree students deserve praise; he found the book corner intentionally a little broken, it promptly glued! ” I wanted to say &ldquo small room; Bao ” &ldquo, ” credit; the word can be egoistic pressing on me, I can not say these seven words. Therefore, I have a small &rdquo and “ Bao; a friend with me. “ small Bao ” face “ &rdquo and “ friends; due diligence ” he would choose &ldquo, &rdquo, and others; due diligence; may choose “ &rdquo, “ friends; small Bao ” the practice of Nanjing I admire. If you can keep a secret for me, I will tell you, “ small Bao ” my brother is doing — — — — Wu Yutong review: vivid, humorous language. Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315476404521334.htm page more wonderful page 12345 of our class “little bao”