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The “dream” role in reality
“ &rdquo character in the Fantasy Westward Journey; the noble and elegant dance days Ji, has a cute mysterious color, a man temperament of the British woman … … this is the game, but in reality there will be? Of course, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that you will also have dancing, &rdquo, &hellip, and … let me tell you the &ldquo around me, the dream, and the characters! There is a lovely fairy butterfly wings — — color Xuan son similar: linger linger is my classmate, she is very cute, every day like a happy little fairy. She likes butterflies very much. (that’s why I chose her as &ldquo. &rdquo). Most of the things in life can’t be separated from butterflies. (&ldquo, &rdquo, clan!) : the head of the hairpin, the pattern on the clothes (if not she will hold a butterfly butterfly brooch, quilt bag up) on the logo, sleeping, gargle cup … … it can have a butterfly. The elegant beauty of Saint — — Dance: similar days Ji Yiyi Yiyi is my best friend, she is a real lady, family is very rich (“ &rdquo Ji Dance Day is a rich woman; come, her body is a jewel, a little princess () is the process of the “ dancing days Ji ” noble characteristics), although her living environment is very good, but she is not a bit proud, mouth always with a sweet smile, cute (kazakhstan! I love dancing days Ji “ ” is cute! The others were hit by me! Yiyi: (Yingying, I which is as good as you say, I do good than hello! You don’tHogan Donne 2016Praise me too much! A wayward lively spirit of — — bone spirit similar: quiet quiet is my classmate, is my deskmate, you don’t call her quiet (do not know how to take the name of her parents), she is not a bit quiet, she is a careless, unruly girl, in general a words: downtown! She said a little trouble is not false, not walking in the walk, like a rabbit jump (jump building earthquake); when the class in that happy to sing a little song (of course Oakley sunglasses Ireland teacher know her virtue can not speak of her home); the cat was she got a root hairs are gone, the cat saw her like hell to hide; excited when not, worse than eating stimulants … … I am afraid of her! (foreign language: that … … now, don’t look at me with that sinister look. I’m complimenting you, &hellip, &hellip. That’s what I have to do. See you next time! Quiet: where are you going to escape? I actually said diaoman capricious, but I really &ldquo &rdquo, you are a lady;; ruin my reputation!) A man temperament housekeeper miss — — British woman like a man: This is my neighbor today today today, with a head of boys, although she is a girl, but a boy character, and male Oakley Holbrook sunglasses also love kids, love also fights, climb trees, practical joke … &hellip the boys love playing; girls, those dolls, dress, bracelet … … and she did not have any relationship, the relationship between girls and also far away (except me, when we are playing together, of course!) In short, the boys do what she does, the girls do she does not do. A quiet moment naughty and cute (double character) the biyuexiuhua miss — — female swallows similar: I (ha ha, finally to me) although I love most is the dance day Ji, but I do not deny that I like the swallow is female, double character I, was so quiet, you made got no fire, a special trouble, certainly not so quiet. Although there is no swallow that female beautiful face, but I also look good! (Lian Hong) the flying girl is wearing a ponytail like hair, and I also like the ponytail (it seems better, quiet!). Generally speaking, I like the female swallows. All right, &ldquo, fantasy &rdquo. 6 female characters. I’m all over you. Who do you think you are? Who do you like best? Tell me all about it! This chapter links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315473008664899.htm next page, more exciting, 12345, the next page of the “dream” role in reality

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Our class of “little bao”
“ hand in your homework! Hand in the blue tree! Our class ” “ small Bao ” again urged me to hand in his homework. Handsome little Bao “ ” long protruding forehead (forehead prominent people are generally very clever), a pair of sparkling water Lingling big eyes, high nose, rosy face, round mouth, fleshy chin · · · &middot & middot;; · in short, any good things are long on him. “ small Bao ” and I am very good “ iron man ”, but he didn’t speak &ldquo &rdquo brotherhood;. One morning, the fresh air made my breath more clear. I came to the classroom, &ldquo has just entered the threshold; small Bao ” suddenly emerged from my eyes, then, is three words: &ldquo — deafening; — — — industry! &rdquo, I almost broke my eardrum. I came to my seat and opened my bag. As I looked around, I found my homework was not in my bag. It was probably yesterday that I forgot to load it when I packed my bag. “ probably not! “&rdquo,” I said. &ldquo? Possible? ” “ without! Are you satisfied?! Hum! ” “ small Bao ” nothing, to the podium, on the blackboard wrote six Chinese characters: the blue tree did not do his homework!!! Looking at these six characters, my unobstructed breathing stopped up immediately. I rushed to pull small Bao “ ” “ collar: what makes you say I didn’t do homework!? I just didn’t bring it! ” “ just? ” “ small Bao ” put my hands clawed, without “ as did! ” “ why do you want to add three exclamation mark? ” “ I just want to let the teacher and classmates know you didn’t do this job class! ” I’m right mouth close to “ small Bao ” ear murmured: “ accommodation accommodation! ” “ hum! No way! ” “ small Bao ” shout aloud. I could not express my anger! From then on I and “ small Bao ” node “ ”. Shortly after, cheap Oakley sunglasses my homework to the &ldquo &rdquooakley Womens Sunglasses; small Bao; there, “ small Bao ” I saw the corner of a little break: “ fast glue! ” “ small Bao ” “. I went back to the range, the angry taped corner glued with “ ” it will work this hit “ small Bao ” desk. “ dinglinger zero &mdashScarpe Hogan— ” the class, the teacher smiled and walked to the classroom: “ blue tree students deserve praise; he found the book corner intentionally a little broken, it promptly glued! ” I wanted to say &ldquo small room; Bao ” &ldquo, ” credit; the word can be egoistic pressing on me, I can not say these seven words. Therefore, I have a small &rdquo and “ Bao; a friend with me. “ small Bao ” face “ &rdquo and “ friends; due diligence ” he would choose &ldquo, &rdquo, and others; due diligence; may choose “ &rdquo, “ friends; small Bao ” the practice of Nanjing I admire. If you can keep a secret for me, I will tell you, “ small Bao ” my brother is doing — — — — Wu Yutong review: vivid, humorous language. Source address: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315476404521334.htm page more wonderful page 12345 of our class “little bao”