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Miss Zhang
She is a pioneer of online teacher Zhang Jingmei, I have not seen her face, but her smile always lovingly emerged in my eyes; I never heard her voice, but her words but it always sounded in my ear. She was frustrated in my confusion to my guide, I was filled with admiration for her. Say self appreciation is for self affirmation, lack of proper self appreciation, will only become unable to get up after a fall. That day, I looked out of the window, the more look outside, wholesale Oakley sunglasses more feel at a loss, the rain outside the window, dim the scenery outside the window. I could not see my face, how can I enjoy myself? I don’t know why, I can’t put my pen in my hand. No matter happy, sad things, such as not to vent on paper, I will be depressed day. Writing is the love of my life, no matter what other people do not agree with my words, it is a way to vent my emotionsHogan 2016 uomoA kind of. This life, I do not seek fame Lee bunk, not just with this pen, successful in the official career, quietly I can express my time. Don’t go to school days, I can sit in front of the computer for three hours over two thousand or three thousand words of fiction. Speaking of my novel, the love “or” hero “floated away, the two girls”. “Love” is floated away because this novel is written in my true story, I put all the feelings of a detailed description of a puppy, I came to my house from the whole process floated away. After the completion of the “hero girl”, I have a passion for poetry, the history of the Chinese five thousand years of love from now on. Whether in school, in the blog, I know people are called me a little talented. Maybe people think I will because I called to his fate, who would have thought I had had depressed, sad tears. “Hero girl” writing, I have for the first time in the name of the flute in starting point Chinese online. After January, with the name of Zheng Zixin to the young pioneer network, that day, I also made a few first ancient poem. Who a few days I landed Young Pioneer Network, received a series of letters, tell me the “hero girl” is not the original copy. The first few archaic poem rejection reason is — — pure water. The first to suffer this strong blow, wrong, I really have no choice but to cry. Once confidence has been hit broken, then I am I to contribute even unable to get up after a fall, pioneer net lost confidence for January is no longer submission. At that time, I did not even understand what the meaning of irrigation, so many of my articles have been invested in “ banyan under ” this site. But I am not litter under the breath, “hero girl” is clearly my hard creation, it is people steal my article? I was so depressed that day! As the heart wound slowly calm down, I stand in the front of the wandering Pioneer Network, it did not go to school in the day she was my loss and hijinx Sunglasses complex Oakley home, I told her was full of deep feelings, and because of this thing to forget her? That day, I landed on the vanguard again and wrote a few words to Zhang Jingmei, who was on duty. “ Zhang, “hero girl” is my original ah! How can I say that I am plagiarism? Besides, how can the Pioneer Network curse? What is pure irrigation? ” Zhang listened to me, he said: “ pioneer net each received a manuscript, should be relevant to search on the Internet, you and others, before you press, a different name, will be considered plagiarism. Irrigation mean your poem is too simple, is a poem, you are used to brush the suspect. If you have the original in other published online, as long as you can specify the retransmission. &rdquo day; Zhang and I chatted for more than an hour, she said she was very familiar to me, many of my articles are her personal review, through many of my articles, I know she is a girl of illness at home self-study, also said that I was a girl I love is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. She likes my poem very much, encourages me to study well in the home, I will certainly achieve own goal. That is my first and only time and pioneer net teacher Zhang re direct dialogue, my faith, my heart really excited in favor of her. A few days ago, I suddenly remembered not in the pioneer online “hero girl”, according to the method of Zhang teaches has contributed, was told by “ ten &rdquo published today, I’m very happy. At this time, I was reminded of the teacher. People can not have not made a mistake, I was the result of a misunderstanding over the pioneer network. Fortunately for Zhang enlighten me in time, I on the pioneer net muster the confidence, increase understanding. Every time I make a small mistake, I will not consciously think of the teacher I never knew. When we fall wrestling in the way of life, how to like such a good teacher Zhang appeared in front of us, we will not hold in time, let us go down and unable to get up after a fall. As long as in my life on the road to help me through the ups and downs of the teachers, how can I forget them? Miss Zhang