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My good friend
She and I are the same, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth, she is my good friend. She love sports, especially gifted in running, in Banlike is one, each time no matter is the school sports meeting or other race, she always is in the class to add luster. She also likes drawing, for example, this time “ legal comic competition ” and her works won the praise of the teachers! She is an optimistic and cheerful girl, and she can bring happiness to others. I remember once, I was a few things to worry, in the school on the road has been depressed, is careful of her peers preoccupied by some troubles, I observed the wrong, he said humorously: “ oh! Today seems a lark disappeared, no chirping sound?! &rdquo. I recognized what she meant. I just smiled and said, “&ldquo?” Maybe they have something to deal with. &rdoakley Ducati sunglassesquo; “ Kazakhstan, So that is what it is. ” she was pretending, “ the sparrow would not be idle today. She said, ” “ today, I met some very funny things … … ” at the beginning, I have not let go, but gradually, I was her curious expression and full of sound and colour “ speech ” amused laughing, finally to those not liking uproarious. What would fly to the winds of … … another time, because her teeth are not neat, so often will be some indecent nickname, being made fun of, this is not the naughty boy started this game, pointing, made some harbour evil designs. Laughter. After school, I couldn’t help asking her: “&ldquo, are you always being discriminated against and ridiculed?” Don’t you feel sad or sad? &rdquo, “she said quietly.” &ldquo. Sad, of course, but what? Mouth long in other people, love how to say, I also can not manage, anyway, we are not alwaysTimberland HerenSay, appearance is not important, is the heart kind is beautiful? … … ” finish saying, give me a bright smile. I don’t know how much she secretly pressure, how much pain, but I was really the girl conquered, I have to admire her, she is a sentence should be: ‘ go your own way, let others say ’! She is such an optimistic and cheerful person. She is also a girl who is conscientious and responsible for her work. In the class, she served as head of the group and health committee. I remember once, I forgot to bring my family wanted to let her listen to this, accommodation, not on my name, but she is still kaifengfu Bao — — just and stern, still solidly training my meal: “ no, as the monitor how can you do it? We should do, if everyone does it, it is confusing, so you should play a leading role as a monitor, you must put the book back this afternoon, I went to your name … … my head bowed in shame, then, in her influence, I became a steadfast. As a member of the health committee, she is more precise. Every Oakley sunglasses for women are carefully checked the window can not have little dust, there can be little corner of garbage, the ground is not to mention the … … because of her serious and responsible teacher, to become a good helper of trust. Oh, I don’t know who she is after talking for so long. She’s Deng Rujing, my best friend, my best friend! Comment: she, with my classmate, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth, she is my good friend. Change: she is my good friend and my classmate, a tall, a long ponytail, a pair of bright eyes, the high nose is a glib mouth. This article links: http:\/\/www.diyifanwen.com\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/14121031547361772948.htm, the next page is more exciting, 12345 next page, my good friend