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My interests and hobbies
Discounted Oakley sunglasses people with similar interests can always find a common language, so it is necessary for me to introduce my interests and hobbies. It should be said that I am a very interested in a wide range of people, but at the same time in the eyes of others I am interested in some alternative people. Indeed, some of my hobbies are hard to find in the same age. I advocate Chinese classical culture, like Chinese classical literature. Not to mention the four China classical masterpiece, even “FengShenYanYi”, “Sui Tang”, “Shuo Yue Quan Zhuan”, “Yang Kingdoms” and so on are a landing not seen, and the “Three Kingdoms” read three times, “a dream of Red Mansions” is at least eight times, also often blind write some experience, that “red” is the first book &hellip &hellip at all times and in all countries; on the Chinese; classical poetry love is not a love of classical novels, especially those who love Tao Yuanming, Li Bai and the poets and their works detached, vigorous and unrestrained. The love poem is Zhang Zhi “and” prevention of “ ruoli green, green hemp fiber, light wind and drizzling rain do not have to go ” and that very harmonious with nature, the mood of heaven is what I am looking for. At the same time I Chinese ancient folk customs is also very interested, often with ancient customs and had changed. Folk music is one of my hobbies, which is related to Chinese classical culture. I am often intoxicated in the mood of the profound music, so that my soul purification. This is what the pop music can’t match. But I will not play any kind of national musical instruments, if there is a chance in the future, I must learn at least one national musical instruments. Of course, I also accept western classical music and country music, but not as keen as folk music. I also love Pingtan and shaoxing. You may think you’re unbelievable, but I really love, whether it is or has the art of Pingtan opera high Pingtan, known as the lesser (and are, in the elegant Kunqu Opera and Beijing opera, Shaoxing opera) is the largest Jiangnan, as long as the taste, she will find that their charm is boring the TV movie, much more. When it comes to sports, I like swimming and Tai Chi best. Swimming is a kind of physical exercise, and it is not easy to get hurt, but it costs too much. I think swimming is good, a few years ago also had winter swimming, do not feel too good oh! I was two years old when Grandpa practiced Taijiquan, then grandpa died, until high school when practicing tai chi sword from the new start, now at the university to participate in martial arts classes to learn Taijiquan, I always believe that Taiji is the highest realm of martial Killing with Kindness, leveraging the power of what Taiwan karate, boxing are all sidelined it, ha ha … … travel and photography for me are also essential. In relation to all the beauties in the world is a major goal of my life, the beauty of the moment never solidified down is a great joy to life. I prefer to visit the ancient towns, gardens, natural scenery. I hope that day will earn enough money, but also to travel around the earth eighty days. When it comes to computer games, I believe many guys love it, I have not known. I have less than six years of age, when I was playing computer games, computer or rare items! I play the first RPG not &ldquo, but &ldquo ” legend; JX; ” so far, I remember from the new. Fifa98 probably is my Oakley sunglasses Gascan best game, then in an Internet cafe near the school, I am unbeatable ah ~ ~Hogan 2016 uomoBite me when I was in kindergarten learned painting, when won the first prize in a competition. It should be said that my paintings are quite basic. Has always been very fond of comics (not now called anime), whether it is Europe and the United States, or China, I love to see, but also often copied. But I found that if comics also leave no successor, now young people who love animation to. I wish I could draw a cartoon that day. Primary school when practicing calligraphy school is two years, but then did not insist on the family, is really a pity ah! Maybe in the future I will be fascinated by what, ha ha … … my interests and hobbies