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My side of the bookworm
Longgang District of Shenzhen City, my side of the sixth grade primary school a bookworm Kwai Chung center Oakley sunglasses with headphones class &ldquo ah ah ah, Xie Lina; * * classmate, can I borrow this book? ” “ no! ” I said aloud. “ not a single one?! Sister, you lend me! If you don’t lend it to me, I don’t want to think about it, so I’m going to die and die! Would you please! Please, will you? … … ” Chen Yang pulled me, put on a pair of my appearance. He looked at the poor kind and rogue like, knowing that he is loaded, I have no choice but to put my new book has not yet read to him. Chen Yang is a bookworm worthy of the name. This is not blowing, he is really great, even to the extent of self sacrifice reach the acme of perfection of the book, in his words, — — “ as long as I see my favorite book, I don’t know who he is; a book ah, I have not in the world. The! ” do not know who see him the sight books, will certainly think this child is what is wrong with it, what a stupid reaction does not seem to look like? Because of this Chen Yang reputation not only is the bookworm robins is the famous school, there is a lot more towards the expansion of the scope of the trend. If you want to know his obsession with books, listen to me carefully! Chen Yangaishu, see a book that is really “ like the hungry to see the bread, ” eyes suffused with excitement and revealed a must for himself and some light, of course, he did not get the hand book, his feet will not budge! Also remember that this year’s national day, several of our classmates about to go to the cultural station to see the film, Chen Yang also went with us. When we go to the station next to the culture of Chen Yang’s familiar Xinhua Bookstore, Chen Yang seems obsessed. I saw him just standing there, look inside and see us, took us, do not speak nor walk, as if it had been what magic rope to trap him like. The students look at him like that, know he “ disease ” and made, said with a smile: “ what do you want to do? ” “ we’re in for a few minutes, I took the money today, pick up a good book to read … … ” Chen Yang at the sight of the students asked him, as if immediately woke up to God, said quickly, said, we see, the eyes flashed and that man can see gold light. “ go to yourself. Hurry up! We’ll be right here waiting for you. ” a classmate replied. “ good. ” students would not stop, Chen Yang has a jump into the gate of Xinhua bookstore. We were chatting at the bookstore door, waiting for Chen Yang. This guy, said to pick a book to go, but, over the past ten minutes, and no other people! Seeing the movie will soon begin, everyone anxious, hurried into the Xinhua Bookstore to find Chen Yang. To the two floor, we see is holding the book with relish Chen Yang in a corner. I walked over and grabbed his book, he looked up and was about to attack, but see me, as if suddenly remind of what, quickly said: “ feel shy ah, forget, forget, go now, go to … … ” she grabbed the book from my hand. Quickly ran downstairs. Everyone looked at Chen Yang like that, but also laugh, but also gas. Chen Yang knew much more naturally be learned in books. Class, regardless of which department the teacher talked about what knowledge, Chen Yang are able to talk, one by one, for history, is more familiar. Not only that, he also often after the break to give us a big talking about the benefits of the book, all talking about those “ books are the ladder of human progress: ” “ the best books of human nutrition ” “ do not miles, then read thousands of books & rdquo; “ book in the genre, the book house of gold ” and so on, we feel that the ears are tired, but he still no weariness, read special study benefits, also before us to ask him questions roundabout: “ you want to know? Read it! ” we can’t do it. However, under his influence, most of the students in our class are really love reading, each recess holding the book to read with relish. Of course, readingHogan Donne 2016More, know more, the level of writing has improved, the natural progress of Chinese language. Our Chinese teacher said, still have to write a work! Look, this is my side all day tour of the sea in the book bookworm — — Chen Yang. Do you like him? Oakley sunglasses coupon me bookworm