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volleyball practice

Because the school to be playing volleyball game in the game in order to be able to get a better result, red teacher let us practice not only in school, but also to practice at home with mom and dad,

Night I finished teacher assignments, take a look at the watch, less than eight, came up with Mom and Dad volleyball practice.
However, and who practice it?
Or first mother and practice it! Listen to her that she had played volleyball these days.
Can practice for a while, I found my mother was not hit too, probably because of the reasons for a long time not to practice it!
So, I decided to use my last fight, Mom catch, then threw the way, they practiced for a while, we would like to see three minutes in the end you can hit a few.
0026 Ldquo; three!
0026 Rdquo; as the father of the order, we were immediately hit up.
But the name of the name, a new problem is exposed: Mom’s ball is too slow, the result three minutes down, actually before playing the next forty-five, which is a little too little of it!
We tried again, although this time the mother faster, and can end only fifty-nine under, or too little.
No, to substitutions.
Oakley sunglasses flak jacket I decided to play with their father.
Dad agile, believe me he will create with a good result.
In practice design oakley sunglasses, I found my father not only prospective bidders, and some I did not lay the ball, he can get caught firmly, it seems dad is really a good candidate.
So we tried again, and sure enough, great progress, playing under seventy-six.
Seventeen full progress than before under ah! We are extremely pleased to oakley sunglasses custom.

But mom still feel not enough, because last year we have the best results, but one hundred twenty-seven under it!
Therefore, we must strive for breaking the previous record.
Believe me, we will do it, you just wait and see!