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The “dream” role in reality
“ &rdquo character in the Fantasy Westward Journey; the noble and elegant dance days Ji, has a cute mysterious color, a man temperament of the British woman … … this is the game, but in reality there will be? Of course, as long as you observe carefully, you will find that you will also have dancing, &rdquo, &hellip, and … let me tell you the &ldquo around me, the dream, and the characters! There is a lovely fairy butterfly wings — — color Xuan son similar: linger linger is my classmate, she is very cute, every day like a happy little fairy. She likes butterflies very much. (that’s why I chose her as &ldquo. &rdquo). Most of the things in life can’t be separated from butterflies. (&ldquo, &rdquo, clan!) : the head of the hairpin, the pattern on the clothes (if not she will hold a butterfly butterfly brooch, quilt bag up) on the logo, sleeping, gargle cup … … it can have a butterfly. The elegant beauty of Saint — — Dance: similar days Ji Yiyi Yiyi is my best friend, she is a real lady, family is very rich (“ &rdquo Ji Dance Day is a rich woman; come, her body is a jewel, a little princess () is the process of the “ dancing days Ji ” noble characteristics), although her living environment is very good, but she is not a bit proud, mouth always with a sweet smile, cute (kazakhstan! I love dancing days Ji “ ” is cute! The others were hit by me! Yiyi: (Yingying, I which is as good as you say, I do good than hello! You don’tHogan Donne 2016Praise me too much! A wayward lively spirit of — — bone spirit similar: quiet quiet is my classmate, is my deskmate, you don’t call her quiet (do not know how to take the name of her parents), she is not a bit quiet, she is a careless, unruly girl, in general a words: downtown! She said a little trouble is not false, not walking in the walk, like a rabbit jump (jump building earthquake); when the class in that happy to sing a little song (of course Oakley sunglasses Ireland teacher know her virtue can not speak of her home); the cat was she got a root hairs are gone, the cat saw her like hell to hide; excited when not, worse than eating stimulants … … I am afraid of her! (foreign language: that … … now, don’t look at me with that sinister look. I’m complimenting you, &hellip, &hellip. That’s what I have to do. See you next time! Quiet: where are you going to escape? I actually said diaoman capricious, but I really &ldquo &rdquo, you are a lady;; ruin my reputation!) A man temperament housekeeper miss — — British woman like a man: This is my neighbor today today today, with a head of boys, although she is a girl, but a boy character, and male Oakley Holbrook sunglasses also love kids, love also fights, climb trees, practical joke … &hellip the boys love playing; girls, those dolls, dress, bracelet … … and she did not have any relationship, the relationship between girls and also far away (except me, when we are playing together, of course!) In short, the boys do what she does, the girls do she does not do. A quiet moment naughty and cute (double character) the biyuexiuhua miss — — female swallows similar: I (ha ha, finally to me) although I love most is the dance day Ji, but I do not deny that I like the swallow is female, double character I, was so quiet, you made got no fire, a special trouble, certainly not so quiet. Although there is no swallow that female beautiful face, but I also look good! (Lian Hong) the flying girl is wearing a ponytail like hair, and I also like the ponytail (it seems better, quiet!). Generally speaking, I like the female swallows. All right, &ldquo, fantasy &rdquo. 6 female characters. I’m all over you. Who do you think you are? Who do you like best? Tell me all about it! This chapter links: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xieren\/xxsxrzw\/141210315473008664899.htm next page, more exciting, 12345, the next page of the “dream” role in reality

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My network teacher
When I was in &ldquo, &rdquo, and saw the article “My Castle Peak teacher”, the idea of knowing this helpful online teacher was coming into existence. After several turns, I finally got what I wanted. So the teacher from the &ldquo network; &rdquo network on the vanguard of pupil composition; I walked into the Oakley sunglasses lenses for writing life, at first he will add as a friend, because online essay article that praised him how good, I have half believe and half doubt the world really have, such a good teacher? With some curiosity and expectation, I will often send messages to ask his writing skills, he did not think of strangers and full of patience not to mind taking the trouble to respond to every message from me, so he became my good teachers and helpful friends. In the first model “ network ” the net, he read my personal space composition “tolerance”, commented: “ in the overload of the earth, in the compressed living space, such as an oxygen tolerant machine, because it can we breathe because of its sense of ease, our living space is constantly extended, because of it we will have peace, peace and harmony! ” later “tolerance” published in “ excellent composition of selected primary school edition magazine ” Ninth; he told “if I were the little angel of love” praise is small: “ the author not only full of love, it is more important to understand innovation. She is not a simple &lsquo, but in ’ able to perform wonders; pure society and birth Oakley perscription Sunglasses born beautiful, created is outHogan Donne 2016A deep double beauty! She saved not only the visible body, but also the invisible soul! ” shortly after “if I were a little angel of love” is the “Zhanjiang daily” published in the Education Edition; see my “thanksgiving” this article, he said to me: “ mother’s love is a never-ending River, mother’s love is a song always don’t finish writing the poem, Thanksgiving mother is always opens on delicate fragrance of flowers. ” in the mother’s Day is coming, I designed for my mother to write an article — — “special gift”, he commented on the Internet after reading: “ nature because of the sun, and makes things with color; people with a mutual love of — — care let the world is full of warmth and gratitude. A gift is special, a special love given to someone special. ”; “the captain of the day” he said: “ this article looks like the tender branches of a very mature fruit, maturity is certainly beautiful, but a thousand fruit flavor, but sour and very true ah! A fruit hundred flavor, memorable! For this article, you are the most important thing is to write in the days of the captain of the real experience, with the process to speak, intentions to express, even if it is bit by bit! Remember, writing is not for meeting other people’s tastes, but for me to write my heart, even if others don’t like it. So what?! &rdquo: I benefited a lot from these comments or comments. He is like a beacon light that lights my way in the direction of my writing. I have the honour to be in &ldquo ” tell the truth; this version of the owner, he sent me the message: “ Wei, congratulations to you as a moderator in! You must do it well! In the face of other people’s words, your words must be careful, you should stand in other people’s position, consider problems, help solve problems, and spread happiness! In the face of other people’s trust in you, you should repay them with true love! ” after reading, my heart warm. Sometimes, I think, he is an elder whom I respect; sometimes he is a bosom friend. Here we see whether he can scarcely wait to know what is sacred? I’m telling you, My network teacher — — his name is Wang Weidong. I am &ldquo from his personal information; ” see his picture, his handsome, graceful bearing, sunny smile on the face, so inspiring. He said &ldquo in a self introduction; I teach in Gaochun County town of Nanjing City Qingshan primary school. The simple one, carrying rich thoughts, is trying to change himself and the students. Have their own pursuit, that is, in the footsteps of the child’s growth, sowing the seeds of hope, to teach students useful things in life, to each child germination of soil and opportunities. All along, pay attention to student education and students’ composition, writing teaching. &rdquo: This is my web teacher. He never shows off himself, nor does he expect anything in return. Miss Wang is Life is but a dream., your dreams for my seed sowing, let me dream of rooting and germination. On the journey of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me, enriched my heart, and added my wisdom. Your love is as warm as the sun, as warm as the spring breeze, as sweet as the spring. I love you, broad-minded, knowledgeable, silent dedication, no return of the network teacher! Source: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/xielaoshidezuowen\/141210315475300314836.htm, the next page is more exciting, 12345 next page, my online teacher