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Fatherly love is everyone to read a book, in my heart, is the selfless love. What impressed me most was that I was hospitalized and dad cared for me. It was an afternoon last year, my mother sent me to school as usual, but in a corner, US, and a motorcycle hit together in … … father received the news, immediately rushed to the scene, and my mother to the hospital. To the hospital, dad did not breathe; no rest for a minute, a second, and is registered, it is with my mother and I go to take an X-ray, just finished and to contact with the police, he was busy sweating. The feet of the pain prompted me to tears on the Su Su on “ ” fall down, but I can endure pain, not to cry. Later, I finally could not stand the pain, bawler. Dad looked at, Oakley sunglasses custom and the traffic police stopped the conversation, patted my shoulder, comfort: “ Xu Zhi, darling, don’t cry. The doctor said, just a small injury, as long as the observation will be good. ” hearing the words, my heart was hanging down, stop moaning, smile through tears. Dad smiled at me and took me to the ward. Father gently put me in the bed, for I Yi Yi drive angle. We are not talking to each other, dad is just using the sympathetic eye looked at me silently. “ well, go to sleep. Dad’s going to see Mommy. I’m leaving。 ” after a while, he spoke softly and slowly. I nodded my head. He rang the bell of the angle, just shut the door. After a long time, I heard the sound of sucking, a look up, turned out to be dad. He devoured, Dakoutaikou steak dinner. I murmured: “ dad must be hungry. ” dad heard the sound, put down the chopsticks: “ chant Zhi, wake up ah. Come on, come on! Dad feed you. ” “ grace. ” I said softly, suddenly moved: such a small voice he heard, even Oakley sunglasses warranty eat a meal are watching me! Thought of here, my tears once again poured out, trickle in the face, cold. “ grace? ” dad frowned, “ why are you crying again? Eat quickly, finish eating and then sleep. ” I pushed the bowl, indent the bed, only to hear him gently with a sigh. I cover your ears, head buried in his chest, forcing himself to close my eyes … … mengmenglonglong, I feel who pushed me. I asked vaguely: “ who … … who? ” “ dad. ” I climb up, take a closer look, shocked: Dad wet, a sneeze. I do not believe my eyes, think it is a dream. I rubbed my eyes, and pinch pinch arm ache. I am very surprised, ask: “ &hellip … father; father you, you … … ” dad embarrassed smile, scratching the scalp: Uh … … “ Dad see the cold weather, get back to your bed quilts, and boil a bowl of ginger, but … … and the heavy rain, no car, I … … oh. Here! Ginger, while hot drink. ” I refrained from tears in my eyes, and nodded. I took the bowl filled with a deep love of the ginger, think it’s heavy. I gently sip, bitter. I frowned and handed the bowl to dad. But Dad did not answer, but with encouraging attention to look at me, constantly encouraged me. My father is tired! I want daddy to relax! I bite, raised his head, gudonggudong drank, and then I saw my dad smiled, and then he said: “ zhenguai, go to sleep. ” the glare of the sun woke me up, I looked, dad is not in. I quickly ran out of bed, to find dad. Just step, dad with a basket of fruit appeared in front of me. I see, not usually the spirit of the father, but a lot of wrinkles, eyes bloodshot father. At this moment, a warm man on my mind: yeah! Father is tired! Just one night only, the wrinkles on his face becomes more … … suddenly I deeply sorry for my father. Yes ah! Dad takes care of me every day.Hogan scarpeGo back to work, and to go home and take care of the mother ah, how tired! Is this father great? This is the great father? Great! My mood can not suppress the tears, as the breaching of the dike gushing floodwaters … … this afternoon, I was discharged from the hospital, the sun is shining on his face, he is particularly the spirit of … … father

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A pair of clear eyes
The early days of my composition “just want to listen to the voices of flowers” to gain knowledge of honor “ · fostering new · harmony ” prize essay contest third-prize July 23rd morning, I am very excited to attend the ceremony. However, on the day of the podium, has clear eyes attracted me, this pair of eyes, let me suddenly think of the water flowing down the valley, just like the blooming wild white pure, transparent, giving strength, that firm light makes me understand what is called a hard struggle. The girl won the first prize in the competition, the last word I only remember her name is &ldquo &rdquo cloud;. Listen to the conference host teacher introduction, the cloud is from the Ziyun mountain region, which is very remote and poor areas of Guizhou. Where a perennial water shortage, power shortage, and traffic inconvenience. As can be seen from the clouds, her family is very poor. She’s as thin as a thread-paper wore a faded red shirt, shoulder place color has faded to white. Her dress reminds me of my book the faded petals, although not gorgeous, but exudes a faint fragrance of the plain. But from her body can be seen in an indifferent, a firm in the storm. Perhaps it was her clear eyes that led me, so that I still can not forget her, the eyes are not only transparent and intelligent. Although the cloud from the poor mountainous areas, but she got the first prize essay contest, she came from Ziyun, and her name is also called cloud, no wonder she is like a mountain of white clouds, pure and elegant. Cloud rather pale, when she took her prize essay by me on the podium to read aloud, she tied back hair brush on my lips, I smell a faint smell of soap with mud. She was standing stiffly on the table, his face suddenly thrown two pieces of red, with a strong accent Mandarin reading to her: “ a cold morning, just before dawn, my mother and I walk the decades to monkey farm to sell food, where it was light. Cold shivers I finally came to the first people to buy food … … the wearing fashionable high-heeled shoes, feet, … “ … ” the woman bought food left side, while the bad way off the floor litter leaves, an old grandpa bow back, tottered in ‘ Dong Dong ’ shoes sound picking up leaves behind … … ” cloud reading, such as the eyes of the Spring Lake overflow eyes, then I found from the Gascan Oakley sunglasses has the same eyes with tears. In bursts of applause, cloud clear eyes always occupy my brain. The award after the end of the event, the teacher took us to see the Oakley Fishing Sunglasses view. In a planetarium, sat beside me in the cloud, we seem to be under the stars. All of a sudden passing of night, watching the meteor slowly across the sky, watching Altair and Vega in the Milky Way at the other side of the distance on both sides, such as a lighthouse, cloud’s eyes suddenly widened. She felt very strange, surprised. Yeah! For a girl in a poor mountain area, it’s amazing. In her heart this is really a dream world! Through the eyes clear, I can see her, her firm determination. At noon, I deliberately sat next to the cloud, but in the morning to sit for a few hours of the car she could not eat anything at the moment, but she was even more pale face. Accompany me to the podium of the Organization Department of Education Bureau, aunt teacher always advised her, looked at a full table of food, she does not want what. Her eyes look of pain, the mouth is slightly crossed, sorry? A smile? I can’t tell. I was very surprisedHogan sandaliYa, a poor girl, he won the first prize. I think that’s the result of her efforts! In her dream, she only succeeded. Her experience, give her infinite strength. Because in her dream only bright, mysterious world, is worth her exploration, worthy of the pursuit of the perfect world. Cloud, I will never forget this girl as big as me, the girl from the poor mountain area. In my heart, often emerge her clear eyes, flashing intelligent, firm light, is that kind of transparent, with magical power. She always reminds me, shocked me, no matter how difficult I met, I want to be strong, like Xiang Yun, to work, to work hard! A pair of clear eyes

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Look! Standing in front of you is a “ handsome guy ” his eyes big, eyes show a small boy unique clever. His face is black, grandma said he fell on the ground can not find. He pursed his lips and rolled her eyes and said: “ the black is a healthy color! ” a saying that grandma rendered speechless. And all the little boy, he is especially fun, just give him something, even if it is a piece of paper, he can also play a lot. Who is he? Let me tell you: he’s my 6 year old brother. My brother has the biggest characteristic of — — greedy mouth. This summer, hot weather, a grandmother bought a lot of ice cream. The younger brother, but a “ a ” a good opportunity. I saw him eating the right hand, left hand, while six ice cream into his stomach, but his tongue kept licking his lips, like the ice cream taste in the aftertaste. He bounced back home to open the refrigerator, and ready to take the ice cream. This can be cooking grandmother stopped: “ alas, you ate six root, but also eat ah. ” grandma’s advice, “ eat your stomach and eat bad. ” “ nothing, my stomach is ice belly! ” brother said as he patted his belly fat &rdquo “. &ldquo: No, I don’t allow you to eat this root. ” “ good grandma, let me eat. ” “ no! ” brother will see grandma &ldquo as hard as iron; ”, sat down on the sofa, his left hand holding his chin, frowning, contemplating what. For a moment I saw him like “ the discovery of the new continent ” just popped up, grandma came next: “ grandma, I forgot to tell you, you just cook out, Grandpa called him ten points back from Shenyang, allowing you to pick him up, look, it’s ten ten, you go ah! ” the brother said, grandma suddenly think of it the day before yesterday, Grandpa, said he is coming today. So she took off her apron and headed for the station. Brother “ &rdquo plot; succeed, liekai the mouth smiled, and took out two ice cream. This is not, brother’s &lHogan sandaliDquo; a ” yet! In October 1st of this year is her sixty birthday, three layer cake on the table, the aroma emanating from time to time, has already attracted brother drool with envy. But we are not on the table, as a junior, the younger brother did not dare to act rashly. He looked at the cake and looked at grandma. He had a new idea. He leaned grandma said: “ grandma, you want this delicious cake? ” “ I think it must be delicious. ” grandma smiled and replied. “ do you want to eat? ” brother asks again. “ think! ” grandma said while touching his brother’s head. “ that’s good! ” brother dug a large piece of butter with his hand. His actions happened to be found aunt, aunt scolded: “ you this child is really rude to … … ” no other small aunt brother said, flashing his big eyes water Lingling said loudly: “ not I want to eat, grandma is like! ” said while putting cream into Grandma’s mouth. Grandma just licked a said: “ the rest of you eat it. ” this is the younger brother of Italy, he quickly put the cream lick away, eyes stared at the table on the cake. Everyone said: “ you ah, eating a bowl, looking at pot Oakley sunglasses frogskin. ” listen to this brother red face smile. My brother is so greedy, so we gave design Oakley sunglasses to give him a name “ ” — — “ under ”. Comment: This article was written “little brother”, with line drawing techniques, full facts, extremely vivid image, a playful, greedy, clever, can play small “conspiracy” boy image placed in front of the reader, wow. Of course, this essay is difficult to say how much ideological significance, but the ability to show such a true description is extremely valuable. Mumma

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Mother’s care
Let me the most memorable is the mother’s care. Mother’s care, like a rainbow in the sky after the rain, colorful; mother’s care, like the summer breeze, to bring you the cool; mother’s care, like the wall covered with dense ivy, cut constantly tangled … … yes, it is this about the only interpretation of the life history of the many strike a deep chord with this, it is concerned about, until the emergence of out life countless sentimental story. When I lean, just like a vine, skin yellow than that of burning wax. The neighbors often joke about me and say I can feed the ants in a few days. The mother’s heart is not worried about every hour and moment of my body, I took her, again and again wandering in the hospital, although each examination results are all normal, never found what was wrong, but my mother is still worried about … … years of wind let mother tall figure thinner to mother’s confident face growing old … … imperceptibly, I was 13 years old, my body every day up, her face covered with a smile began to — — it can be said that in the 13 years I have walked in one day and night not accompanied by the mother’s care spent. Remember a summer camp organized by the school, the mother began to do not let me go, in my insistence on the request, the mother had no choice but to agree. Because this is the first time I travel alone, mother nature cannot rest. Before leaving, she repeatedly, 10000 asked: “ be careful to go out to play, followed by the teacher, do not eat food, sleep to cover … … ” a string of nagging, a burst of wordy, started to make me impatient, I even feel hate. Would have said yes, she did not send me to the station, but at that moment the car starts slowly, but I clearly see, a corner of the station, clearly have a vague and familiar figure, a pair of eyes staring at my concern. That moment, my tears imperceptibly blurred eyes, I looked at the mother, motionless, until her disappear in my eyes. Travel life, heart a sense of emptiness, that mother’s care is so rare, she has become my only hope, also became the son of the mother’s thoughts and worries … … moonlight mother, are you okay? I gradually understand, mother wanted to use her rough hands for children pink Oakley sunglasses took hold of the moon, the stars, but she is not the mother; want to use her hands to his son to bring joy, stay warm, it is possible; my mother is not in her a pair of warm hands silently for her son to do things that I can do? Rain, quietly under the night, dark and long. I walk in the cold street, the cold rain on me. The students laughing and talking to share the joy of the exam, but my heart has been with the cold rain, become cold, lost vitality. A failure of the exam, the exam in a complete mess, how to go home to parents? I muddled downstairs, the stairs stood a man, yellow light is that familiar face, the gentle smile. “ you look at you, the clothes are wet, cold how to do? Such a big child, and will not take care of themselves! ” my mother took my bag. Hold me up to go upstairs, “ right, how about this test result? ” “ … &hellip I … I; … I’m sorry for your … … ” my voice choked, mother was stupefied, pulling me to sit down, and then pick up the paper, I analyze the cause of the error, the original because of carelessness. Mother sighed, said: “ children, you must get rid of carelessness, learn from this lesson! ” my mother’s eyes are relative, I can feel the mother’s eyes, a little more hope and encouragement. Look at the relentless years in her mother’s Oakley sunglasses for cheap forehead carved a few staff, I cried, looked at the mother’s gone through the vicissitudes of the face, I really cried, but the tears are because the mother’s care and become sweet … … friendship may fade, oath perhaps forgottenCollezione Hogan 2016, but the family will last forever. Every morning and evening, time rolls on, every point of my progress, is the crystallization of mother blood, it includes the mother don’t know much care. Mother’s care, like the summer rain, deeply moistens my dry heart; it is the soul of the lightning, the sublimation of the spirit; it is my mother’s care, the growth ladder, it led me down a good life every step, every hurdle it helped me through life! Mother’s care