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A person I admire most
Gaochun Qingshan primary school six (1) &ldquo in the current society, learning; &rdquo to XX; the slogan has been everywhere, in our class, there is a people that I admire, he is my class librarian &mdash — Wang Chong. A, “ mastermind ” was a well deserved reputation as everyone knows, Wang Chong is my class “ a ” and “ extra-curricular knowledge of King ”. Knowledge and books for him, that desire is essential, he wants to acquire knowledge, it can be used to describe “ like hunger and thirst to &rdquo. Sometimes he would order a book like adhesive patch like you, until you are willing to lend to him, and promised him any time, he will stop. Because he was so careful reading, so desperately want to get knowledge, to make him the knowledge of the brain. Whether you ask for science, life or classical literature, he will answer in detail for you. Wang Chong is like the US side consultant, you want knowledge at any time. Once the practice teacher asked each of us to collect some names of flowers and trees, and find out their properties. Some students are afraid of writing, just write Oakley sunglasses case a few do things carelessly. But Wang Chong not only seriously lists the properties of more than and 60 kinds of flowers and trees, but also to write their name, by the countless students wow “ ” sound of envy. This view, Wang Chong “ a ” it is really not general! Two, his humorous language often make people laugh and cry about another feature of Wang Chong, I have to show the white feather. Usually, my mouth will offend people often have trouble with others, and that Wang Chong humorous language often makes people uproarious, I think, is that rigid wood will be made to laugh at my stomach. He! Wang Chong is my class Oakley sunglasses kids comic fans, “what”, “the origin of the Zodiac” douniwan ah, he said his mesmerizing, closely reasoned and well argued, the vivid description of the lead a person to endless aftertastes, often make people personally on the scene. He also brought humor into life. One time, my mood is not good, a person sitting on the seat of temper, but at this time, Wang Chong ran making fun of me, I was angry, ready to attack “ ”, Wang Chong did not panic, Xipixiaolian still calm, also joked: “ hey, I say big girl, well, not, not, hey hey, brother, aunt, no, ah ah ah, no, should be a man, but the devil is angry impulse, easy to wrinkle, I don’t want to be an old lady! ” “ you say it again! ” “ biching around you, ah, I was so frightened! ” look at me angry look, he did not give up, still relentlessly strafe to me “ ”, usually airs say I have rendered speechless. Another time, I go to play to meet Wang Tong, did not say a few words, and then started the &ldquo debate; ” struggle. In the end, he like the avuncular training me: “ you this child is really hateful, hateful, sad, poor, wretched, alas, circle, point … … ” I was “ the face of spittle, Agape and tongue-tied were training to have nothing to say. Like every time I fight him, is presumptuous, I always Oakley polarised Sunglasses lost miserably and return, but I lose lose sincerely convinced, happy. Three, he versatile Wang Chong basketball and table tennis are very good, running also run very fast, every time I was “ after ” when, always run faster than the rabbit. His singing performances have a kind of mold, many people are strange enough! A winter passed, Wang Chong’s body and several scars, just know later, because he is hard to break into the pulley, so really worth studying ah! Such a dead enemy on the stand, I can get it later. But it can be from the ‘ steal ’ learn something useful, this point “ sacrifice ” or worthy of. Anyway, Wang Chong, I admire you, but I will learn from you! A person I admire most