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My good friend
Luodan Tong, a good friend of mine is one of my good friend, she was very cute, chubby round face is black, two eyes always look to make small balls like, let people laugh and not laugh, sensitive sense of smell of the nose below long talked incessantly small mouth. Dan Tong as I have no love for the shortcomings of the labor room was chaotic in a complete mess, if nobody Cui, it is wholly intact. As long as a clean up, not a long time, and the same as the original, every time I go to her home, I will be some of the things that do not know. She was still looking at me in the wound to her face. At this time, I always told her: “ don’t be complacent, see how I do you! ” she not only does not love labor, sunglasses Oakleys but also very timid. Dan Tong timid “ &rdquo brilliant deeds; just blurt out beyond count, can speak a few verbatim. Here’s one of her deeds. And she took to the streets to play is playing to the happy and cozy, face suddenly there are two & ldquo; unknown running & rdquo; & mdash; cat, came running towards us saw we stopped. Because I prefer cats to dogs, and the two lovable cats also zhenghewoyi, I would like to pull Dantong to play the following, hand in the next search, empty, I turned to: & ldquo; eh? Anyone here? ” I look back, huh! She has always been afraid to come back, I said to her: “ Dan tong! Come up quickly! These two cats are so cute! & rdquo; the cat seemed to understand my words, Oakley sunglass case“ friendly & rdquo; to run in the past to the Dantong & ldquo; call & rdquo; come here, who knows Dantong rush called to me: & ldquo; Yaning, help! You can’t from ruin! See the ” “ &rdquo appearance, delicate and touching; I went to help her! I don’t want to let my good friend “ fall into the cat’s mouth. & rdquo; and & ldquo; not hesitate & rdquo; to run & ldquo; stepped in to help & rdquo;, I put the lovely cat to catch up, put it in front of her, said: & ldquo; the & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; words didn’t finish saying, she had to scared the bejesus out of vitality & ldquo; summon & rdquo; return, took to their heels. Finally, she gave me a “ you die ” eyes, see the cat did not dare to. So the & ldquo; glorious & rdquo; deeds are timid, who see the will mercilessly laugh, then there are, the good to listen! Dantong although like playing electronic organ, but did not see her play, once went to her home and just wanted to knock at the door, a shade of the sound & ldquo; flapping ears & rdquo. “ you, want — dry — what — what? & rdquo; I turned, see a pair of & ldquo; frighten to death a person not awesomeness & rdquo; face slowly approaching, I then gorge a fright: & ldquo; an idiot! People will be scared to death! You want to go to jail Oakley sunglasses wholesale ah! ” her a pair of none of my business appearance, said: “ I, to open the door. & rdquo; I’m going mad, until she opened the door, I did not give her the rest of the time, the she came to the electronic organ & ldquo; Devils & rdquo; said: & ldquo; you must play to me, I make up my frightened excessive loss! Or you’re going to apply “ rouge &rdquo. & rdquo; her poor Baba heart unwilling, reluctant to open the switch, she just wanted to play, and then look up the vacant asked me: & ldquo; duo in which keys? ” I fainted on the spot, said: “ you are too forgetful, and you like the loss of music, the day ah! ” she laughed and laughed, and was busy with my hand towards the door, and I thought that she was sure to use what method to “ ” I had. This is my lovely, timid, and forgetful good friend — — Luo Dantong. My good friend