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“Police” and “thief””
In our home, mom can be said to be worthy of the “ Holmes ”. I was a crime, worthy of the name “ ” and “ ”. At home, my mom and I was absolutely evil is incompatible like water and fire. I think about things carefully, mercurial, look before you leap. But brine point of tofu & mdash; & mdash; a drop a matter, I often evil, have been rub the eyes into the sand mother eye to recognize, catch a positive. “ hi! Yu Liang was born with a time, and history repeats itself. Oakley sunglasses for men” the completion of the text “” I borrow arrows with thatched boats, filled with a thousand regrets. This day, mother in the first floor to sell things, just one of my own in the upstairs. Why don’t you watch TV for a while? I quietly open TV, with relish looks, soon, then immersed in a wonderful story, the mother asked me up to do homework cast to the winds the. Suddenly, &ldquo with ” — —; a burst of rapid footsteps came. I remain unruffled surprised, quickly ran in front of the TV & ldquo; PA & rdquo; the sound, press switch, turned to his desk, a butt sitting in a chair, pretending to to read the books. At this point, “ Holmes ” has come to the scene. I glanced at her, and found she was looking at me with a stern look, and I quickly lowered her head. Saw her come to in front of the TV, touched the television ass, arraignment on & ldquo; suspects & rdquo;, a strength to ask I just doing what. I also not fuel-efficient lamp, they resorted to the killer & mdash; & mdash; shameless, contended, is reading a textbook, what else didn’t do. Magic one foot high, DaoGaoYiZhang, wily mother leave a gold heavy artillery: & ldquo; clearly is watching TV, the TV behind also chummy. You did not see, then who can see? Is not upstairs there are people! & rdquo; spicy ginger or old, to avoid and charges of harboring criminals, I had to honest confession, obediently frankly to obtain clemency. After dinner, I hang out with my mother’s shop downstairs. I took a fancy to counter infrared, pay attention to take advantage of the mother, shunshouqianyang holding down, three five except two torn wrapping paper, lovingly play. This guy is really a good stuff, press a button, immediately ejected from the various patterns of &ldquo flame ”. It’s great, I think for himself. I hurried up the scene, the infrared tucked under the armpit, ran upstairs. I think God doesn’t know, ghost not to become aware, which know mills, arms & mdash; & mdash; all this, the earliest piercing eyes of the mother found. As I get dizzy with success, forget to sorrow this sentence, went upstairs to play with infrared ray. The results are followed by the mother caught a red “ &rdquo, “ I had to confess to ”. Unfortunately, some of my extremely clever trick, the one and only creative, no one to crack the mother. Naughty I write the English words three times, mom a call to ask the teacher is showing surprising flaws; occasionally a truant game hall, in my mom’s & ldquo; torture & rdquo; and & ldquo; Sweet & rdquo; a double whammy, confessed, completely surrender, write profound & ldquo; repentance & rdquo; even modify test scores this & ldquo; Lie & rdquo; or, it is mom’s piercing eye to recognize, obediently Shushoujiuqin; & hellip; & hellip; however, when back home, grandma and grandpa said I than last time they more sensible. In the school, the teacher and the students said that I listen to the teacher in class, the job is completed, the results also improved. At the end, once again I was named the school three good student &rdquo “. Carefully think, this should be “ Holmes ” credit. Home has “ Holmes sunglasses couponso &rdquoakley; good fortune! Home has “ Holmes ”, fate na! Oakley sunglasses Australia: a very interesting combination! “Police” and “thief””

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She has changed.
People have to go to work, leaving several of our children, we became best friends. In a few children in the most love to laugh is Nana. I remember once, the big people are not, we have a few children ran to the backyard. The backyard of the scenery is so beautiful, just as we revel in the beauty, Nana said loudly: “ we went to the pond water! ” we looked at the pond! “ the water in the pond is too dirty, we find a tub sitting inside play! ” hey hey say. Everyone back to take a pot, only I stood in the pond. Nana took the pot to see, I’m in a daze, no hand basin. Give me a shot and say, “ what’s wrong? Miss big? & rdquo; I hesitated, said: & ldquo; I & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; tub & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; Nana smiled and said: & ldquo; I thought it was what provoked we miss the big trouble. The bag in my body. ” Nana then ran home, so we just came back to Qi Nana, put a big tub to me. All the water, but he dare not down on the shore. Nana swam, smiled and sat in a pot to his face. He laughed, at this moment, Nana put his right. His eyes closed quickly. “ &rdquo sound, splash; his drift on the water. We call he opened his eyes, he slowly opened his eyes. See yourself floating in the water, he was very happy! Nana came a bad idea: “ please be quiet. Let’s play hide and seek good? ” “ hide and seek? How to play in the pond? &rdquo asked his right. Nana smiled and said: “ let’s move forward, in front of a lotus leaf, lotus. ” everyone follows Nana forward, who knows the front and the steward. Nana smiled swim up and the steward said a few words. The steward put us in. Who can go in to ask what happened to Nana. A faster than a run, are afraid of the work of regret. In the pond, everyone was so happy that it was so noisy! No one can ignore what’s happening on the shore. When we are happy, suddenly caught on the shore. There is a like head and said with Oakley sunglass outlet:“ you have several P small children frighten administrator? ” the manager followed behind the head and whispered something, and the head asked us: “ and a little boy, who lied to the manager that her father was the buyer of the buyer here? & rdquo; I would like the want to feel he is in Nana said, going to the sinciput crime, the administrator to lotus leaf throw the stone. “ Oh! ” the voice of Nana, Nana swam out from the inside, smiled and looked at, swim to the shore. Administrator Nana pulled up, said: “ small P child let you lie to me! & rdquo; the head let us standing in the sun, everyone frown, only Nana still grinning, a nonchalant look. Finally next to the end station, everyone was exhausted, and Nana also took us to dabble, everybody listens to all scold Nana didn’t mind, and Nana smiled and said: & ldquo; the more he punish me, the more I and he of the to. ” you said she was a mental illness, Nana said with a smile: “ I’m not sick! ” I can’t stand her. Nana is so optimistic, the treatment of what is a word — — laugh. But recently Nana seems to have changed a person, rarely come out, we rarely see her. I saw Nana next to the garden, but Nana ignored me. It’s not happening. I am very curious, go up to pull the Nana’s hand, that she and I together to find partners, but Nana without demur, a push me, myself and ran away. What’s wrong, Nana? I was worried about her seeing her such a big change. I go to see her and decided to see her hey, prohibitively difficult. Her mother brought two stack of paper, let me and hey hey fill in, fill out, back will, her mother check recite and fill in the handwriting, and promised to see Nana half an hour. Get on a piece of paper about 30 pages, fill out about two hours, but also let Nana’s mother to check the recitation and handwriting, through the can, a total of four hours, there is no way to complete. We are ready to go, but Nana’s mother seems ready, take the stick hit us, we hurriedly fled. In the small river, I met Nana, Nana see me cry. I hold Nana, humorous to say “ miss Nana! Men sunglasses Oakley to love to laugh at miss Nana, how do you suddenly become a “Jupiter Oakley” she has changed

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Motherly love
Yesterday, grandma’s seventy birthday, we went to congratulate. Grandma was very happy to close the mouth, dad to see grandma this appearance, can not help to me about my grandmother before. “ your grandmother at the age of 7 without parents, 33 year old husband also died. Grandma became one of the pillar. For our five children your grandmother cry piteously for food, day in and day out of work. She gets up at 4 o’clock every day at night for us to do farm work, mending clothes, though bitter. But for us, grandma swallowed the pain in her stomach. Our family before every meal eat sweet potato porridge, but the holidays when to eat a little meat and meat every time, the grandmother ate the rest of the small, we just live frugally days. & rdquo; & ldquo; yes & rdquo; grandma said & ldquo; the time which have today lavish meals, even the oil have to save a drop of a drop of Oakley sunglasses remains. ” grandma to their children, alone to endure so much suffering, I really can not imagine how the grandmother is the father they raised. Now, have a baby, some parents are tired, grandma one raising five children, do not know how tired. Dad paused and said: “ grandma is a pet phrase of — &oakley sunglassmdash; are poorproud. When I was young, I home is poor, remember a steal neighbor of melons and fruits, grandma whipped, also let me remember. This is when I read the second grade, because home is really very poor, from morning till night to eat sweet potato porridge, my belly to school began to sing & lsquo; kongchengji & rsquo;. So, I and a group of small partners, to discuss how to find something to eat to fill the stomach. At this time, a family of the golden gold melon village, suddenly attracted them. We stole from the cotton drill in the past, both hands toward the attractive gold melon, unfortunately. To the neighbor came back from the field and knock off caught a positive, the result is neighbor to the front of your grandmother, your grandmother ruthlessly played a meal. ” my father’s face was filled with shame. & ldquo; Chi poor people are not poor & rdquo; even if you how poor you, you can’t do those shameful things, I want to grandma playing father when the heart is very painful, grandma how did not expect his son will to steal melons. Yes, we want to work in just ways to do, how can the in a sneaky way? Father then said: & ldquo; when I was in high school, my brother read Teachers College, my sister reading in junior middle school, home left has some old grandmother the tuition driven very tight, so I decided to do not read, helped granny with her housework. Grandma can be angry, and said to me,:‘ eat, wear point I no matter, reading is never can not read. Even if the tuition fees again, mom will get you. Remember, only reading can result, so as to honor our family. ’ grandma nodded slightly. Grandma can not read, but well aware of the importance of reading, we have run into a well-off students do not even more should be good to learn, with the results to repay the hard to cultivate our parents, teachers. Grandma to children to have ambition, tirelessly every day, so that children can eat satisfied wear warm, grandma is willing to pay any price. “ remember the 82 years, I was admitted to the secondary school, completing the police school, but the school did not admit. This news is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue to me.Slippers aanbieding FitFlopKnock down. I slept on the bed, three days did not get up, your grandmother saw me, said to me: ‘ how do you so useless! Failure is what everyone will taste, if you do not know the failure, then how do you know the success? If you really don’t know, you don’t have to do it! I really thank mom so as if wakening from a dream, enlighten me. & rdquo; my father drank a sip of tea, said: & ldquo; when I was a child, I because total carrying my brother and sister and replaced the name of patch bag, feel embarrassed, anyway refused to back it to go to school, at that time, your grandmother is pointing to her body patched clothes, told me: & lsquo; mother, do not steal do not grab, not conscience, to afford their own, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t learn culture, a person ignorant, will be looked down upon. ’ ” what does it mean to look good or not? Important thing your content, appearance and how? How do you wear, your knowledge is not enough, not to be looked down upon by others? Dad talked about here, I turned around, suddenly saw the grandmother face of aging — — wrinkle. In the wrinkles which contains how deep maternal love ah! Looking at grandma is full of vicissitudes of the face, I understand the true meaning of maternal love in a moment. Motherly love