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Most of Jiao Yanbin
Crooked Jiao Yanbin of the most one, the largest and longest running a green nose read more than five years of books, the same table also changed a lot, almost every semester to change. The most difficult to forget, the most prominent to calculate him. When Oakley minute Sunglasses her &ldquo ” crown; he must be. He loved to laugh, always laughing and joking with me, is generally high. All are “ small does not point ”. But his slug accounted for almost a third of his body weight, and talk to him, you don’t look at him otherwise non nausea can not. Because his nose is often from the upper lip to take lower lip, and one out, much more nausea nausea. Once the teacher asked him to pull it off, a weight of five kilograms less than a full. Two, the most loving activities of wrestling after each class, his favorite activity is wrestling, look! When the bell rang him like an arrow, swift of foot like rushed out of the classroom, frantically on the playground to exhibit elegant demeanour and his wrestling skills absolutely first-class, a, he with our class boys wrestling, four people let him overlap into the M word, myopia of Zhang went around to catch them, but he like a mouse and sneaks away and ran away. So at the end of the kiln is not grabbed, grabbed a couple of selling cans. Who is afraid to report after the event. Great strength, who is not afraid. Three, the best performance and the worst results have a, see the quiz tomorrow, he unexpectedly still and several partners in the playground fly a kite, punch & hellip; & hellip; do some test has nothing to do things, we really for him to nieyibahan. He was smiling said: & ldquo; don’t worry, slowly & rdquo;. I say “ have the ability. ” he is not humble, even answer: “ know me, sit at the same table also. ” indeed, he answers to the test answers, but also 100 points! But with this lesson, several of his swing handle, and dared not before the exam with him playing, as a result, he each time takes a test are failing. You say strange. Li Zenghui, remediation of the most difficult to treat people in our class is a most difficult shaved head, careless operation, personal health and Jiao Yanbin a kind, he to the group, the group will follow unlucky, this time teacher partial put him to our group, let Jiao Yanbin and he to poison poison attack, which can be hard to our great leader Jiao Yanbin. He decided to shave his head. One morning, Jiao Yanbin was the mostCha Cha sale FitFlopFirst came into the classroom, he would like to how to make Li Zenghui better? The clock on the wall of the second go round and round. Finally, Li Zenghui came to a tune. Jiao Yanbin yipaidatui, said softly: “ finally, let it play! & rdquo; he went to Li Zenghui’s side put a already written and coated with glue & ldquo; Li Zenghui is head of big stupid pig & rdquo; note to his back on by twining the, Li Zenghui in imperceptible in, attracted n eyes, this note followed him flying, class of people know, Li Zenghui is head of big stupid pig. Then the teacher came into the classroom. Jiao Yanbin shaleyan, think the teacher so early today at school? Just a good mood also forgot. Whispered his heart: & ldquo; is not Li Dongni went and told the teacher; in case that the teacher knew I do, will not I dismissed police office. We also could not help but steal joy, the teacher to throw to a serious eye, narrow, thanks to a lesson after, teachers have not been found the prank. But later Li Zenghui or know the matter, in the group more trouble. Jiao Yanbin would like to punish him not, will hurt the whole group of young sisters who suffer shige. By the right, I go to and Wang Minghuan about seat, often help him, let him less strange, let the teacher less buckle our group of points! Jiao Yanbin thought about the table for the past. I was thankful to say: “ the green slug was finally broken. ” “ blowfly bite rotten meat ” things not bad, but Li Zenghui was prepared take it lying down. He discipline companions tight in a loose, loose in a tight way in our class soon to promote. Quick vacation time, Jiao Yanbin run to ask the teacher admit the mistake, when he find a teacher to admit a mistake, in fact, the teacher knew he did many bad things, but there is no criticism of him, just he said: & ldquo; you ah, really is crooked one. ” for a long time I didn’t know what it was. Author: Hunan Zixing City Olympic lottery Pingshi hope primary school 97 classes: Li Instructor: Li Baicheng Li Xiaoxiang authentic Oakley sunglasses slanting to Jiao Yanbin the most