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Cool kid Wang Yu
At present, more and more we are using “ cool ” the word, as if only then does fashion. This is not, we have a class on the handsome “ cool ” boy. The mention of &ldquo ” cool; hey, kid, can be really powerful! Look at him: six meters tall, with a pair of fashionable glasses, the blouse is & ldquo; Li Ning & rdquo; sweater, blue jeans, white pedals &ldqucheap oakleyso; Nike & rdquo; shoes. Usually walk, mouth is always not clear humming the songs of Jay Chou, how cool, right? However, this is only his one “ cool ” the most “ cool ” to belong to his study. He and I from the first grade has been classmate, also don’t know how to return to matter son, originally, his grades also came in behind me, who knows since the fifth grade. The kid’s achievement rub, rub, rub to jump straight. Now, he is in the top three. This does not, shortly before the class committee will reelect, class vote, he with absolute advantage was elected monitor. It was & ldquo; cool & rdquo; the! He is the king bottlecap Sunglasses Oakley woo. It turned out that our relationship is not bad. Since he when the squad leader, I think he became proud up, every day, gesticulating, always around surrounded by a group of students, hum! What is so great. Slowly, I will not Dali him. Then happened a thing, so I changed the prejudice against him, I also became his & ldquo; loyal & rdquo; of & ldquo; fan & rdquo;. One day at noon, when school was over, the weather suddenly changed. The dark clouds of the sky, like a huge black cloth cover down quickly, then it began to heave rain. “ ” Ding Ling whisper, the bell rang. “ what kind of weather, or the morning skies, at noon on a downpour. ” “ day ah, this can go home Sunglasses stores oakley. ” the students were very anxious, yell all sorts of gossip. “ afraid of it! ” at this time, Wang Yu stood up and said, from the bag and pulled out a umbrella, wow, cool &ldquo! ” the whole class to see the DC saliva, have stared big eyes. “ hum! A broken umbrella is something. ” I have finished, gas it rushed out of the classroom, standing in the hallway door. The rain is even bigger. At this time, many parents have to take an umbrella to pick their own children. After about ten minutes or so, there’s only me left in the hallway. Looking at the next non-stop rain, my heart is very sad, but also very afraid. Why hasn’t my mother come to pick me up? I was in the heart of the complaint, I saw “ cool boy ” Wang Yu took him that the students envy the umbrella came over. “ why don’t you go home? Oh! Oh, so you do not have an umbrella ah! Go, I will send you. ” he said to me. “ well, I don’t need you to send me! I rushed to the outside &rdquo ablaze with anger. The relentless rain on my body, my clothes soondrenched. “ give it, take it. ” Wang Yu caught up, quickly put the umbrella into my hand, ran to the home. “ Oh, you don’t open an umbrella for you? ” “ ” never mind, he ran and shouted: “ I want to be the storm petrel! ” “ or do you play. ” I shouted at him. He ignored me and went on running. I stop my steps. See him running in the rain, my eyes blurred, and also can not distinguish is the tears or rain, just feel a little hot on the face. Looking at his flying back, I thought to myself, really have somewhat like Haiyan & mdash; & mdash; one of them is a & ldquo; cool & rdquo; heart of Haiyan. Comment: hold a “cool”, wrote the character, Wang Yu is a cool and lovely people