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Childhood, the most beautiful scenery line
Childhood, like the rosy clouds on the horizon that Oakley have sunglasses? Dazzling; childhood, like the height of the Changhong so gorgeous to sweet candy is so wonderful. Each person’s childhood is not the same, and my childhood is like a color diary. It, record my childish. I remember when I was a child, three Chiam home has a lovely little cat, my mother said she is only six months old, but a six good long beard. I often barber shop, uncle to help some hair disheveled aunt barber gave some & ldquo; Beard & rdquo; shave, three Chiam often boast their craft. I thought: I want to be a teacher to help Kitty shave, shave! Once, at home only a person, as I wish, I will start to prepare “ working tools ”. Uncle next door is a shaving master, I found him, borrowed the toolbox. Uncle curious to ask me: “ what do you want to do? ” I blinked, proudly said: “ I do but my uncle has never done a thing! You’ll see! ” “ — ”, — “ Kazakhstan, Kitty, you don’t run! & rdquo; saw a small cat jumping left and right jump to elude me & ldquo; chase & rdquo; is like & ldquo; monkeys pull the cart & mdash; & mdash; bounded & rdquo;. “ kitten, don’t run! But I do it for you! Dad said, the beard is long, not blowing is dirty child! ” my puzzle shouted. Suddenly, the cat stopped, seems to be running, and it seems that I was moved by my words. But anyway, it’s the thing in my hands now! In order not to tamper with the cat, I then use the rope to tie kitten in the chair, study like a shaving master, first to the kitten is coated with a layer of soap. But who knows, the cat is a bite and call. I am busy with his head, said: “ come on, come on, I’ve finished soon! ” I took the opportunity to lift the knife, ready to work. A kitten or listen to & ldquo; Command & rdquo;, in the chair writhing, it seems to be going out of the girl refused to wipe Rouge gouache. “ &mdash — meow meow! ” the kitten is roaring, as if to say: “ you’re a smelly boy, get your hands off your hands, I don’t want a shave! ” cut, I don’t listen to you! Simply pick up the scissors, “ &rdquo, Kacha; then magically cat beard to disappear, ha ha! After the cut, I put the pieces of “ ” give up but the kitten hiding in the corner, people feel shy. I walked over, put it in my arms, to speak in a mild tone said: “ good, don’t be sad! Look, we have a real ‘ the little girl &rsquo? ” this time, the cat seemed to be even more unhappy, and jumped to the table. I thought to myself: little cat is not more I want to call him a little boy? “ quick look! I went out to buy you what? ” it’s mom. I picked up the little cat with joy and said, “the most amazing thing I’ve done to my mother. “ custom sunglasses oakley! ” I do not know why, my mother after listening to my “ brilliant deeds of ” after a strange way to laugh, and I was a blank. I asked my mother: “ be very much puzzled by the mother, why are you laughing? Don’t you think I’m a great deal? &rdquo? &ldquo?! &rdoakley sunglasses partsquo; mother to stop the laughter, solemnly said: & ldquo; whiskers of a cat was used to probe for the quality and quantity of the hole and is not the same. If you put it in the beard, it became not catching a hero! & rdquo; all of a sudden the kitten jump down, ordered to nod, I also Sidongfeidong point nod & hellip; & hellip; what is the color of the childhood? Blue or yellow? White or black? But in fact, childhood is not just a color. It may be red or purple. Perhaps it is a rainbow, become the most beautiful scenery in our life. Comment: a very interesting article, the plot is also very rich, smooth, lively language. Silly boy, you get a fish to eat, it’s even the hair to let you cut, not to mention the beard.