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Slap in the face
After & ldquo; PA & rdquo; because sister secretly run away from home, I am crying, greeting, Dad would have gas and fly into a rage, and now it is a slap in the face to play down. Sister cry more fierce, mother was frightened to death, and hurried over to appease the dad, while Ann Oakley sunglasses lenses comfort her sister. I looked at the scene, the line of sight is not by blurred, because I remembered that day… That day, the headmaster in the flag raising ceremony loudly announced, each brigade committee can have participated in the selection of students is the position of the president. I was so proud of me, because I have the same qualifications to take part in the selection. So I practice dance and piano every night, and painting, just to win the unanimous approval of all the judges in the selection, because these are my strengths. My piano early 5 levels, dance is a master, from elementary school is every girl’s adoration of the object. This time I must be selected. The thought of here, I began to work hard. Finally, the result came out, I was not elected! Although there are a lot of my ticket, but is let I hate, I actually ought to a vice president, is president is my daily in the brigade ministry best friend blue dream! When I know the result of a moment, my anger is in the hearts of the burning, I was like a small buffalo, who also can not stop the idea of revenge! As my best friend, how can she betray me? Finally, the opportunity to retaliate: there is a Friday, we have to train the dance team, the blue dream of course, is one of these. Also that Friday, the teacher announced that our team will be on behalf of our district to participate in the municipal dance competition! My heart silently thank God, the opportunity finally came! Ten days later, the dance competition began. That day, we are in a sports center in the dressing room careful make-up, only blue dream a man in a hurry to find her shoes. She ran down the forehead sweat, left, she kept asking me: “ for blue, you see my dancing shoes? ” I put on a very anxious look, said: “ what? Your dancing shoes don’t see you, come on and tell the teacher! ” the blue dream, immediately went to the teacher. I was laughing in the heart secretly. Finally, the blue dream because there is no specific dance shoes, so there is no competition. Until two days later, it was found that her dancing shoes for no reason in the trash can be found! Blue dream these days have been crying, very sad. That day back home, when I want to put the title of the trophy down, my father suddenly rushed over and shouted: “ Chen Yulan, you this bad girl! ” then, a loud slap in the face, I hate to smoke in my face, my heart also follow the pain. “ stop, dear, why do you call me baby? ” mother heard, immediately ran downstairs, stop dad, protect me in behind. “ both of you! Sunglasses military discount Oakley was used to her childhood, and her bad habits are more and more! Now actually make such a thing? ” father’s ears are red, he was very angry. “ what is the thing that is to be solved with a hit? ” mom was angry about his father, and then he knelt down and asked me, “&ldquo”, tell mom, why are you angry? Oakley sunglasses for Meno &rdqucheap; I shook my head, a face of injustice. “ is it not for you, is it not your blue dream dance shoes? ” dad was almost roaring. This sentence is like a thunder, hate hate to chop in my heart, I was guilty of the unspeakable. “ blue dream dance shoes, what is the matter? ” mother is still guarding me. “ why do I find this in the garden of the trash? ” the father said that he was holding a black plastic bag in his hand. He was thrown on the ground, and a pair of pink two pieces of dancing shoes fell out! I was frightened, and the head was very low, a little do not look at my parents. “ in the blue, told her mother, what is the matter? ” mother looked at the dance shoes and asked me anxiously. I didn’t say anything, I rushed into my bedroom and began to cry… &rdquo. “ I gave it to the black plastic bag with a dance shoes and a blue dream. ” it’s OK, since you want to be president, I’ll change your identity, right? “ blue dream took the shoes, laughing. That a slap in the face, let me completely sober. Humble to learn from others’ strengths, not to be jealous of things.

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A moving story
I am a love of reading children, on my nightstand stocked with a wide variety of books, “the romance of the Three Kingdoms” Liaozhai “,” Water Margin “and so on, I read it again and again, but with the passage of time, many stories I had to forget, but the story up to now I still remember & hellip; & hellip; in a beautiful little village, a special family, special to what extent? My father is dumb, home only a boy and a girl, because the son read good-for-nothing, had to let his son junior high school dropout, work at home, because their mother died early, his father had to work from dawn to night do dumb market to buy tofu, carry the whole family, when selling tofu often, there will be some bad children to put tofu away, do not give money to run, even if the dumb father stretched neck was shouting, so the little girl hates her father hated, he is a mute, he was a dumb father knew how much humiliation, when she was young, often some people go to scold her, said: “ you are a dumb girl, why not deaf and dumb? Not your dad! … …; ” when she heard someone say that she was like that, she hid in the corner, and she hated her mother died early. She hated her father! So she put her father hate little by little accumulation in their hearts, crazy like reading, she wanted to leave here, leave the village know his father is dumb village, she through unremitting efforts, finally admitted to the University, and her dumb father very happy, for she felt proud and satisfied, kill pigs and sheep, please the village folks for her to celebrate. With still remnants of the money that the bean curd, for her to finish college. After work, she and her father was one point one knot untied, slowly understand the father of their love. All settled, she went to pick up the city to enjoy her late father’s family, but unfortunately suffered a car accident, her brother and sister-in-law came to be covered in blood, others will die beside her, act with confusion to know what to do, her dumb father, holding a coma she stopped a taxi, her father put her on the train, in the chest does not stop with the painting, ask the driver to take her to the hospital, I went to the hospital, because less than the amount of blood pressure, the doctor shook his head not saved, his father hurriedly knelt, high hand triumphantly, make farming, pigs, tofu posture, and then stretched out two hands repeatedly gestures, said: “ I beg you, save my daughter, my daughter is good, great, you must save her! I will do farming, pigs, tofu, I have four thousand dollars. ” also pointed to the roof, put his hands on the right side, close my eyes, said: “ I have a house, you can sell, I can sleep on the floor, even if it is spent all my money, I want my daughter to live safely. ” baseball Sunglasses Oakley, he looked at the doctor, and I hope they can save his daughter, see the doctor not language, but also refers to the daughter’s brother and sister-in-law, clenched fists, said: “ even if I spent all the money, as well as they, we work together, will pay the medical expenses. ” he pointed to the doctor’s chest, put his hands flat, said: “ the doctor, please rest assured, we will not default. Money, we’ll think of a way. ” the doctor before the brother of his sign language translation finished already tears tearfully Oakley dispatch! Great father, not only to support her daughter’s life, also supports the doctor to rescue her daughter’s heart of faith and determination. Thankfully, her daughter was finally saved! Read here, I am shocked, you think, a dumb father, in all the ridicule and daughter inhospitality not only picking up the whole family, also let her daughter to read off the University, to now, he still did not blame her, even bankrupt to save his daughter, the father of the great is how selfless! Although the daughter is still in a coma, but he still did not believe her daughter into a vegetable every day at the head of the hullabaloo barking, he called: & ldquo; girl, wake up, come and drink a bowl of fragrant milk bar & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; sudden Henghuo, destroy the daughter’s life, in others have put authentic Oakley sunglasses abandoned the dumb father still retain hope, no words of power to conquer all, God moved, daughter finally made a full recovery. After reading this story, I understand a truth: love as a mountain, deeper than the sea. Father’s love is the most selfless, the greatest love, he taught me to be a man, to help me to correct mistakes; to guide me forward in the direction of. I will repay my father in my life. He will repay him for his kindness to me.