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My childhood life
1999 winter, my mother took me to Xiamen City, Fujian province. Xiamen is my favorite place, because it is my hometown that I seldom go to. When I was three I had just learned to walk the whole family to my aunt’s house. Aunt home in Shaoguan City, although the house is very big, but it is not convenient to live. Soon there has become my home, the house is very old, built at the side of the road on both sides of the private garden, two exclusive vegetable. The whole family are doing wholesale food, because my parents are busy, there is no Oakley splice sunglasses from me. I can say life taught me to finish the walk and talk, they throw me into the custody of the ” the &ldquo kindergarten. I feel very bored in kindergarten, I also feel my childhood life is very boring. I have never been to an amusement park, and every time I go to the amusement park with my parents, my mother always says, “&ldquo”. I’m too busy to see me? Soon, Get out of my way! ” I had to go back to my room to play computer. My room is very big and it’s filled with my favorite things. The students are very envious of my family, I do not ask, but I feel a little bad. Every time I put forward I want to buy something, my father always directly from the wallet just take a few big notes into my hands: “ want to buy what quick to take, not see me busy? & rdquo; such a depressing childhood life is finally over, parents in I was five and a half to I sent to the Shaoguan Jiazhou primary school, I finally have the some good friends. I am not so lonely, and no longer feel so boring. I have maintained a good record, and maintained a six year position in the squad. In the sixth grade graduation exam day, I to 299 points results in Jiazhou elementary school sit on the champion, became the first in the school name. My good friend Ronaldinho with envy said: “ Iasi hi happy oh! My total score is 280 points, you are the first one of your parents know that they will be crazy to praise you! &rdquo, that moment, my eyes dim. Really? Is it possible? Even if my performance is good and good, they also ignored? My hand tightly grabbed my score 299 points, like the ball like a leisurely walk on the way home. Back home, it’s seven. Yes, I’ve been walking for 1.5 hours. We have a car, but no one is free to send me to school, I have to get up very early every day, for the time is not to be late. Every day I very tired very tired, but when it saw the parents when labor work, I want to complain about the words I a word did not say. Six years, I did not say a word of complaint, but also six years, parents have no time to accompany me to go out to play. Yes, maybe you will not believe that these six years, the parents did not accompany me to go out to play. Not a day. At the weekend, I occasionally go to tell the students to go out to play, go to school, parents of wholesale shop help, accounts, or surf the Internet at home, eat words plum; occasionally to riding a bicycle out shopping. My parents don’t know my test score is 299 points, but do not know if I have been admitted into the provincial high school. I was very sad at first, and gradually began to get used to it. I am a lack of fatherly and motherly love children, I feel miserable than the orphans. Because I still love my parents, but they are like strangers to me, sometimes two days without saying a word. Every day at noon I have to walk home cooking to Oakley minute sunglasses over sixty grandpa and grandma, Grandpa and grandma cooking to eat, eat lunch, I would also like to do the dishes and wash the clothes. And then you go to school for a half hour. I do housework every day sunglass repair Oakley, take care of the elderly is my duty. With age, now fourteen years old, I have been able to help parents run wholesale stores. I finished the test when the house, aunt finally someone willing to buy high priced. My mother used the money in her mother’s home — — Huilai City, Guangdong province to buy a beautiful new house, the whole family lived in a new house. I also transferred to Huilai Hua Cheng middle school. Now parents are not dry food wholesale, in Huilai, a hotel business, and finally have time to accompany me to go out to play! I don’t have to go to a restaurant over the weekend to work, to earn extra money. This is my childhood…