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0026 nbsp;
love flowers is everyone’s responsibility

On Saturday, I got up early to finish the job, I have nothing to do mom said: 0026 ldquo; I’ll take the Botanical Garden to play it.
0026 Rdquo; I listened to my mother, then I jumped three feet high, and then I smoke rushed out of the house for a walk, when I came out relic bird oakley sunglasses m frame 0026 ldquo; fly 0026 quotoakley sunglasses accessories; up, ran in front of her mother

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsoakley radarp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; to the botanical garden, I was shocked.
There are colorful rose with graceful lilies, as well as red as the sunset years of red 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; these Huadu opened my eyes, the gentle wind comb her mother at a willow green long braids,
Beautiful flowers attracted a lot of bees and butterflies fluttering above.
I’m completely immersed in the beautiful scenery.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; suddenly, came up from behind me, wearing a red hat and a little boy across the railing, ran to the flower beds.
When he was about to pick flowers, I ran, said: 0026 ldquo; do not pick!
0026 Rdquo; 0026 ldquo; Why 0026 rdquo; he cocked his head and asked, unconvinced, 0026 ldquo; why do not I pick!
0026 Rdquo; I said: 0026 ldquo; If you pick a flower, flower beds, there is no flower in the United States, since it is so beautiful, why not let more people see the flower’s beauty?
0026 Rdquo; listened to me, he bowed his head in shame, said: 0026 ldquo; I would not pick up.
0026 Rdquo; then closed his hand back, but also back to the flower voice said: 0026 ldquo; We are sorry!
0026 Rdquo; I laughed.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; children, you must remember: Do not pick flowers at yo!

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growing troubles

0026 Ldquo; little boy, little trouble, watching the sun around 0026 rdquo; whenever I hear this song, my heart will be astringent.
Because, I am very worry boyhood.
Since the last of the high school, I very rarely have the chance to play outside, I like a happy bird was put into the cage.
Study, test, test, learn, overwhelmed me.

The long-awaited summer finally came, I was go out for fun for a while, but was stopped by her mother: 0026 ldquo; summer job to write!
0026 Rdquo; the summer job after I finished, I carefully asked my mother: 0026 ldquo; summer homework finished, I can watch TV it?
0026 Rdquo; but I got the answer is 0026 ldquo; No!
0026 Rdquo; then, my mother gave me a newspaper a lot of remedial classes, what 0026 ldquo; English class 0026 rdquo;, shaun white oakley sunglasses 0026 ldquo; writing class 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; piano class 0026 rdquo; 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; from seven in the morning
half to half past five p.m., back home I still can not watch TV, I have to write job workshops to stay.
I feel like I was never not stop the robot-like, twenty-four hours a day I do not know which guy was eaten by 75 percent, the happiest thing is to sleep, but only have sixty-seven hours of
These worries have been trapped Longzhe me, I really want to loudly accuse cheap oakley sunglasses canada v. All parents are: 0026 ldquo; do not bind us too much, put too much pressure on us, so that we will have growth
We also want to have a happy childhood ah!
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magnificent Terracotta Warriors

Entering the spacious terracotta huge exhibition hall, all with all my heart to feel the history of smoke and flying alone, the rest of the word 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; magnificent!

All eyes saw was magnificent.
Terracotta Although the artificial shape, but the feeling is still shocking.
Ancient, an imperial ambition; now, leaving the world is thrilling!
Millennia dusty memories, it unearthed an instant suddenly.
This magnificent, is a startling magnificent, magnificent flavor with a long finish, it is a people break apart, not crumple also painted grandeur.
Trance, dazed look around, the smoke of war, Wuran everywhere, this is how sorrowful!
These, far more than it is a work of art?

Feeling heart is magnificent.
History of the King, hate, hate, oakley sunglass lenses love, even greater than this it?
If we say, Terra is the witness of history, then I will say loudly: 0026 ldquo; It is not only a witness to history, or modern glory attention!
0026 Rdquo;

Before this magnificent Terracotta Warriors, I can not watch them too closely, because my heart has it impressed.
Oakley sunglass sale people will not ignore this huge magnificent, because it is unique, it is the miracle of China and the world!

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I was successful essay about

What is success?
Success is the result of careful practice every day out.
I Keyboard two exam success.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; since my mother gave me two candidates flower, I would seriously by teachers required, must be trained every song by heart, can play almost eyes closed.
I have many deficiencies, for example: when playing tummy always left, right move too much, sometimes the attention is not focused, so I decided to seriously practice.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; every day, I have to complete certain exercises any oakley fuel cell works, especially in the summer, one hour a day to practice.
Every day I see my proficiency in the speed.
Look at the song after a staff skilled bomb, and then played from memory.
Although a bit dull, but oakley sunglasses kids I persevered.

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0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; until finally the day of the exam, and I was happy and nervous.
Grading came classroom, calm down, silently thinking about playing points again to pass the exam, I jumped with joy, immediately called my father and Liang Annunciation.

0026 Nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; I want to make persistent efforts to strive for next year to test out the keyboard four.

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Tour of Hainan

Hainan Island is a beautiful scenery, rich place, we here in the winter, and there was a hot summer.
You know what the most abundant there, right?
A variety of fruits: There oakley juliet fruit custard, mango, coconut and mangosteen, etc., see my mouth water.

Hainan Island along the sea colorful, and magnificent.
There are green, blue and other cheap oakley radar sunglasses.
There are a variety of undersea fish: There are clown fish, tuna, tropical fish.
There are many bizarre shells and coral, I picked up a lot of beautiful shells on the beach, to the friends.

Now you come with me to Sanya now!
Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Yalong Bay, Sun and Moon Bay.
One of my favorite swimming to the beach, I went swimming and Don oakley sunglasses reviews Yuhan sister, while we free travel, while the butterfly swim, I really like a section of happy fish.
Yeah, bunches of waves rushing to us, we immediately hide the past, like playing a game, playing in waves over our heads, playing on our smile.

In the evening we returned to the hotel, returned to their rooms to rest, when I lay in bed soon enter sweet dreams.

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love is a special gift

This year’s 0026 ldquo;. Three eight 0026 rdquo; section, I sent what gift good?
After wrestling, I finally know what to give Mom this year the most appropriate.
I put this idea to my father, my father immediately agreed, and told me to prepare myself.

I came out a boutique, bought a few colored jams and a bottle of glue.
Back home, I use the scissors to cut a shape color cardboard greeting card size, then flowers ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ grass butterflies flying in flowers with colored pencil on paper drawing of a house, around the house painted on the tree, and then draw
the sun and the clouds 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; I used a corner of the card on a color pen: 0026 ldquo; Dear Mom, I wish you happy holidays, good health, forever young!
0026 Mdash; 0026 mdash; oakley sunglasses cheap autumn love your father and master.
0026 Rdquo; finally, I got a small family photo, put it with a glue stick in the wall of the house.
A card is done.

March 8 this day has finally arrived, my father then I came home from school in the afternoon, my mother at home, not go to work today.
Finished school, I quickly went to the room to a greeting card out, and then came to my mother, her mother, said: 0026 ldquo; mother, happy holidays, this is my father gave your holiday gifts.
0026 Rdquo; see the cards, my mother happy tears, bowel movement oakley sunglasses discount, said: 0026 ldquo; I love you!
0026 Rdquooakley dart sunglasses;

Love is a special gift.

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My motto 300 words

Everyone has the motto, my motto is: until tomorrow, everything is as wasted.

I remember sophomore, read an essay: There was a small monkey always said: 0026 ldquo; I want to build a house today.
oakley frogskins sunglasses 0026 rdquo; After a child, he said: 0026 ldquo; the sun is too intense, and I’ll cover it tomorrow!
0026 Rdquo; wait until the next day, a small monkey said: 0026 ldquo; Today is the cold weather, cover it again tomorrow!
0026 Rdquo; on this day after day, there is always a million excuses monkey postponed to build a house.
One day, the sun was gone, I saw clouds, soon, it began to downpour, monkey shower became a drowned rat.

Today, things always pushed to tomorrow, I have a case.
Home for the weekend, I immediately threw the bag aside, feeding the goldfish, eat, drink 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; there are always endless things, but I could not do homework, write my heart always thinking about tomorrow, anyway, did not go to school tomorrow.
To the Sunday morning, I was thinking about the afternoon to write, and to write in the afternoon and at night thinking about it!
Again and again, my job will always wait until the last minute to write.
This wide variety of partial to their own reasons, I can only lead to a sleepy eyes wide open in the evening to catch up on the weekend job.
It was natural that scribbled, rife with errors, not only criticized by the teacher, and have to redo.

0026 Ldquo; tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is so great.
oakley antix sunglasses I was born until tomorrow, everything is as wasted.
0026 Rdquo; I took it as my wings, my sail, always with me, reminding me.

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I love football

Recently, our class whipped up a football hot, even my rookie also gearing up to try.
This is because I once witnessed in AIDC and Chen Runjie with enviable football action.
I saw standing in the AIDC midfield, rushed to a stride when the foot is about to hit the ball, but suddenly people across the past 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; fake, followed by Chen Runjie Xiecha into the room, put a shot position,
However, his feet in contact with the ball the moment suddenly back a hook ball and spread at the foot of AIDC, AIDC one received the ball in immediately passed each other in front of the striker, the striker kicked wide open
ball into it!
This package of action at one go, perfect match, see my eyes.
Football skills to be played so exquisite, since I love football.

Thursday afternoon gym class, Wang announced the semi-class football.
Now I have ample chance!
The competition is divided into two teams, a team from Chenrun Jie, Yu Siyuan, Han Xiang, Jin Hancheng Yu Yi Qi five masters team, the rest of the class members rookie team.

Start of the race, in AIDC serve, I saw him put the ball gently, quickly passed Jin Hancheng, Jin Hancheng with the ball left to right punch, even over a few people, such as unhindered, Chennai oakley sunglasses for women us
there are a lot, just put the ball to rob us of the past.
Chen Runjie seeing shoved Interpolation steals the ball, shoot!
He did not enter.
A play, the other fierce offensive overwhelmed us, but gradually oakley sunglasses wholesale, and we found the trick, find the program belongs to newbies: I and other four people 0026 ldquo; five-member team 0026 rdquo; in front of the assault, other
others stay behind to beat the sea tactics.

Turn 丁舒 who serve, and he serve, immediately 余思远 stopped, 金汉成 passed on more than Yi Qi 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;. Oakley fuel cell this time, experts team members are all in front of the goal of our team, and we are behind the sea
twisted heap, but I can not find where the ball has rolled Dingshu feet.
Dingshu who take the other side behind the defense emptiness, a Bigfoot 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; shot the ball into the!
This is really a waste of effort must come to not, newbies have to clap to celebrate!
After that, the other one close to the goal as long as we swing the wall in front of him and let him how technology skills, could not reach our 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;. impregnable
We stand and to the bell rang.
Bell rang, many students thought the end of the game, and some even lay down altogether.
But then, the other side take the occasion of our lax, the opportunity to turn into a ball!
When we wake up, the race in 1: Results 1 over!

We used this 0026 ldquo; nonsense 0026 rdquo; the way, let us also feel powerless and frustrated master.
It was a hilarious game, it is my life, a wonderful childhood memories.

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The first memorable essay 300 words

The first sericulture, the first time a person sleep, the first cooking, first when 0026 ldquo; small business owners 0026 rdquo; 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; in this the first of many, and gave me the most affected is the first time
through the night.

A child, I always thought that with a variety of ghosts: Some ghosts will oakley plaintiff sunglasses will you eat; some ghosts will suck your soul; you will encounter some ghost history of the most unfortunate thing 0026 hellip;
0026 hellip; so, I always afraid to walk alone at night.

But in a winter evening, our family walking in the park, but unfortunately: grandparents had been called away to play poker, Mom and Dad unit overtime, let me go home.
At that time I was panicked, surprised mouth forming a 0026 ldquo; o 0026 rdquo; shape, but mother slipped me the keys and left.

I’m going to go ahead better.
So, I’m holding the keys, go up.
However, the wind whistling blowing, it seems mad, desperate, just breathing murderous blowing things, like to abruptly stripping your skin.
It does not stop, howling, whistling, scary.
I thought to myself: evil wind has come, then we will be far away ghosts.

So, I walked away hanging heart.
Sure enough, a pair of glittering green eyes peering at me.
I felt goose bumps up the whole family is so far away from me, I was scared, suddenly courage, shouted: 0026 ldquo; oakley sunglasses frogskin ghost, you come out!
I see you!
0026 Rdquo; In this case, a man passed me, I heard these words, surprised himself: 0026 ldquo; this child is sick of it!
0026 Rdquo; my heart angrily, suddenly daring, strode up, accidentally kicked the 0026 ldquo; ghost 0026 rdquo;, 0026 ldquo; Meow 0026 rdquo; a voice from under my feet.
The original is a cat ah!
This time I can boldly go home.

Now, I have been afraid of the night of.
Because I know that this world has no real ghost, only a coward.

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Fire heart always remember

Prescription oakley sunglasses uk of Thursday morning, our school held a fire drill after this semester.

Then we are on the first Chinese class, the radio suddenly heard a solemn voice: 0026 ldquo; emergency, ask someone in the leadership of the teacher quickly evacuated the classroom building!
0026 Rdquo; teacher the past, we immediately organized safety drills emergency evacuation routes.
Shortly after, we all arrived at the school playground.

Then, a fire brigade fire engine came to our school open.
They quickly get off the assembled device, burst into the classroom building, give us a demonstration of fire.
High column of water erupted, see I thought that having peace of mind 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Off After the fire, the fire opened uncle gave us a little lecture, explained to us how to protect yourself and meet some of the fire extinguishing tips.
Such as being trapped, do not jump off and do not run upstairs, but do not take the elevator, try walking or climb down a leaning wall; or fled to nearby water sources, cover your mouth with a wet towel, draped over the wet stuff
who, in order to avoid the body was burned, and then the conspicuous thing out of place, so that others know your exact location.
Also, if his clothes were ignited, can be cheap oakley polarized sunglasses rolling on the ground.
If the line of household appliances or fire, first turn off the power, then fire extinguishers with dry powder or gas, do direct splash.
If the pot on fire, cover with a lid and then shut the fire on the line.
If the clothes burning, you can use the fire extinguisher or water.

In the finished knowledge after his uncle gave us a demonstration of fire extinguisher use: First, remove the safety catch; then, one hand holding the nozzle, one hand gripping the handle; and finally, the nozzle at the base of the flame
Press the pressure of the fire, the fire was extinguished.
Curious students under the direction of the fire Uncle personally practiced once.
However, fire oakley motorcycle sunglasses uncle fighting equipment, like fire extinguishers can not just oh!
In the eyes of the students amazed, uncles gave us show them some fire-fighting equipment.
I was most impressed that can be reinforced broke things, too much!

Through this exercise I learned a lot of knowledge of fire, I deeply understand the fire safety should always keep in mind, the implementation of the action!