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rige Nansha

Spratly Islands har utallige dyrebare marine liv.

Du ser.
Fisk i koral par til at bære at bære.
Nogle stille og roligt, som en lille dame, og nogle jagter sin hale, det virker meget begejstrede, nogle rejser kaos omkring, som om udkig efter, hvad barnet, der modløs, det virker meget trist.
De varierer farve, form varierer.

Starfish lounging på en sten for at hvile fra tid til anden løfte en krop.
Han ser både som en lys flash oakley Frogskins solbriller flash stjerner, som en gylden stjerne frugt skiver.
Så fristende!

På dette tidspunkt, en pæn række af store hummere hold kom, de omfavnede kongen og Wang Houxing glæde lege med.
Kongen og dronningen er deres børn rundt, hele vejen lykkeligt sagde, brast i hjertelig latter fra tid til anden.
Ser man på disse, kongen og dronningen var meget glade for at mødes i havet haven.

Se, big blæksprutte!
Det er at svømme endnu.
Det begyndte som en gul, der repræsenterer det nu meget glad.
Senere hummer oakley solbrille sag så det, han kender deres børn løb.
Octopus straks bliver rød, og du ved, hvad det betyder ret?
Haha, ja, på vegne af vrede, du virkelig smart!
Hummer slip, til mundingen af ​​fødevaren ikke, og kan ikke vred?

Spratly Islands er virkelig en dejlig og charmerende sted ah!

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Bayberry home

Rise is my home, my favorite hometown bayberry.

Five cheap polarized oakley sunglasses annually, six month clearance oakley sunglasses, bayberry to mature.
If at this time into the Bayberry Park, the fragrance of a Unit will nostrils.
A purple Yingying, juicy red bayberry, such as black pearl inlay on the foliage.
At this point, if you take off a close look at it, the Fed mouth water.
Of course, the most interesting thing is to savor it in the mouth, it tastes sweet with a hint of acid, as people eat more eat.

Bayberry Bayberry home wine brewing great material.
Yangmei wine production is relatively simple, the annual bayberry mature season, every household will always homemade wine as a characteristic of some bayberry wine to entertain guests in the future.

Big sweet home bayberry, when the Bayberry Festival, past quiet little village because of the arrival of visitors from becoming crowded.

I love to eat bayberry home, I love my hometown custom oakley sunglasses 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; high-rise.

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Jeg elsker at spille basketball

Denne eftermiddag er der en fysisk uddannelse, så jeg heldigvis gik i skole.

Endelig til min elskede fysisk uddannelse, og meget snart, vi opløst, jeg ved ikke, hvordan man spiller, gik til se dem spille basketball Zhongxin Yu, jeg så, jeg huskede at spille basketball med sin far i går morges situationen.

Morgen, jeg vågnede kl 8:30 elektromekanisk far gik til vores hus ved siden af ​​skolen for at spille basketball.
5 minutters gang vi gik til fastsætte begyndte at spille basketball.

Far kan være virkelig stor!
Han slog en tre-point skud, men bolden ramte ikke fælgen punkt og derefter rabat Oakley solbriller og før bolden landede, har min far skubbet op bolden med håndfladen, wow!
Igen til en kugle, og jeg sagde: 0026 ldquo; Dad awesome.
0026 Rdquo; senere min far næsten aldrig gå glip af.
Far fortalte mig en vittighed: 0026 ldquo; Jeg vidste, jeg gik til at spille basketball spiller så godt, når billige Oakley solbriller canada atlet.
0026 Rdquo; Jeg sagde: 0026 ldquo; dig alene denne teknik, vil du dunk det?
0026 Rdquo; far sagde: 0026 ldquo; Jeg føler mig som dette ikke ville være venner.
0026 Rdquo; Jeg sagde: 0026 ldquo; Selv hvis du ikke er dunk hoppe så højt.
0026 Rdquo; far sagde:. 0026 Oakley frogskinsldquo, så vil jeg, når vores familie 0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; familie titel
0026 Rdquo; Jeg sagde: 0026 ldquo; Dad give mig bolden, jeg nødt til at skyde.
0026 Rdquo; og så tog jeg bolden begyndte at kaste en bold.
Hvordan tiden flyver Kom nu, to timer tidligere det, jeg er træt sved, sved, gas spark Yu Yu, skyllet, men jeg stadig insistere på at spille, jeg endelig faldt et par stykker, virkelig hårdt arbejde betaler sig.

Fra denne spille basketball, så jeg forstår: gøre noget, så længe udholdenhed, vil du lykkes.

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My happiness essay of 300 words

Happiness is a mystery word, it seems out of reach.
Some people say that happiness is to have gold and silver mines, and others say that happiness is to get people to worship.
And I have a very own 0026 ldquo; happy 0026 rdquo; understanding 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

I remember it was Moni Juan before a major exam, the equivalent of 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, diagnostic test on about how this represents how much of the exams.

Said before the exam I have done the relevant preparations, but the poor state of the day, and extra points ,, exam result was disappointing.

Papers in hand, heart uneasiness, looking at my poor 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, so little points move at the pace of the way home, feeling day is gray.

Finally oakley cheap sunglasses, I like deflated balloons, wholesale oakley sunglasses slowly walked home, my mother to see me like this, quickly asked: 0026 ldquo; how?
0026 Rdquo; I sighed, put in the hands of the papers handed to her, I thought: Well, finished, 0026 ldquo; storm 0026 rdquo; to come, simply, I like Gorky as 0026 ldquo; Let the storm to the more violent it 0026 rdquo;
0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

The thought that 0026 ldquo; Doom 0026 rdquo; to, I did not want my mom to not only did not blame me, but also trying to comfort me next time, do not think about.
Then, my mom gave me a cup of hot milk, buy oakley sunglasses, suddenly I felt a warm current flows in my body, very warm 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

See this, you must know the happiness in my heart defines 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; to care for others or others concerned, the only way to make this society is full of love!

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spring elf

Green leaves swaying, dreary winter grandfather left their posts, an energetic spring girl, marching light footsteps to follow the tail of winter grandfather took over the winter.

Spring girl waved his real estate broker, drizzle like tassels general, eloquent falling down.

That was all the newest oakley sunglasses nourishing rain ah!
They grass, trees were all wake up this Mimizaza, and out of the new branches, buds emerge.
Spring girl smiling at the endless stretch of green.
Then, the rain stopped.
Soon the sun shining on the earth, a bit on the small green leaves, crystal clear water droplets reflects the colorful light appeared in the sky a beautiful rainbow ——

Look, over there, Magnolia quietly, quietly oakley kids sunglasses to grow into a child a fresh bud.
That bud surrounded with children, there are a few drops of dough slightly transparent petals drops, playful on the petals to roll, so he (drops) will be more tender flowers revealed itself.
Guduo slightly rounded oval, pointy head, all of them have proudly in the branches have unyielding spirit.
High-spirited attitude, like a little lantern, handsome stand in the branches.
White petals micro Zhang Chunjie the right bottom of the transition out of the bright red roses.
It rose from shallow to deep, it seems to be the most bright flame lanterns, twinkling in the breeze seem so hazy.

Spring flowers edge elves dancing in beautiful dance, while dancing, while white hands stretched out, gently from the sky ripped off the beautiful colors of sunset, coverage in the bud, so infected with a layer holy bud
At this time it appears noble Magnolia, a more gentle.

Suddenly, a surge of flowers straight into my nose, the original, this is the magnolia flowers ah!

Jessica grass, I saw a pine cones, pine cones small, dark brown, small, very mini.
One a little 0026 middot; crushing everything from muscle growth, very mini.
Dry and hard, only Coushang hard smell, only a faint smell of dirt floating out oakley sunglasses radar.

Freshness and green grass, and some green; some light green; some dark green; some light green; some light green 0026 middot; 0026 middot; 0026 middot; 0026 middot; 0026 middot; 0026 middot;

Spring girl coming!
Go fast, take a look at Spring girl masterpiece now!

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volleyball practice

Because the school to be playing volleyball game in the game in order to be able to get a better result, red teacher let us practice not only in school, but also to practice at home with mom and dad,

Night I finished teacher assignments, take a look at the watch, less than eight, came up with Mom and Dad volleyball practice.
However, and who practice it?
Or first mother and practice it! Listen to her that she had played volleyball these days.
Can practice for a while, I found my mother was not hit too, probably because of the reasons for a long time not to practice it!
So, I decided to use my last fight, Mom catch, then threw the way, they practiced for a while, we would like to see three minutes in the end you can hit a few.
0026 Ldquo; three!
0026 Rdquo; as the father of the order, we were immediately hit up.
But the name of the name, a new problem is exposed: Mom’s ball is too slow, the result three minutes down, actually before playing the next forty-five, which is a little too little of it!
We tried again, although this time the mother faster, and can end only fifty-nine under, or too little.
No, to substitutions.
Oakley sunglasses flak jacket I decided to play with their father.
Dad agile, believe me he will create with a good result.
In practice design oakley sunglasses, I found my father not only prospective bidders, and some I did not lay the ball, he can get caught firmly, it seems dad is really a good candidate.
So we tried again, and sure enough, great progress, playing under seventy-six.
Seventeen full progress than before under ah! We are extremely pleased to oakley sunglasses custom.

But mom still feel not enough, because last year we have the best results, but one hundred twenty-seven under it!
Therefore, we must strive for breaking the previous record.
Believe me, we will do it, you just wait and see!