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The Feeling of Life essay 300 words 0026 nbsp;

Human life is limited, however , as the old oakley sunglasses people out service is unlimited, I want a limited life into unlimited service for people to go into tomorrow .

Birds fly freely in the sky , a little life in the activities , but, damn gun hunters it shot down , a little life , and it was the gun and killed ; the fish in the water, raising children , a
life is about to come to this beautiful little world, but the fish life in turn eaten by predators , so a little life gone.
The students came to school early in the morning , not to learn , but to go shopping , so a waste of time wasted precious lives .

Life , it is more important than the daughter , at any cost , thousands of gold and silver can not buy .
0026 nbsp; Some people prefer to abandon life , do not want to lose money , I want to ask them , there is no money, no useful life , life did not have money to make money , but came to life one but lost it again
can not avert.
My brother has been a waste of life , each came home from school , not playing games, watching television , do not want to learn the idea.
We now have a happy life , you should cherish , not to waste every minute , so that every minute becomes valuable.

Yes, human life is precious, do not lose the feeling that life is valuable only .
From now on, I should learn , every day !

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campus pond

Elementary school playground in front of the people there are flowers blooming flower beds, there are different patterns of rockery with straight trees 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; which I am most fascinated me is the yin and yang tai chi diagram oakley dispatch sunglasses in a small pond .

Spring, a small pond level as a mirror , the trees , blue sky, white clouds , there is a small sparrow that nimble figure , the students happy smile, all were in a mirror-like shine in a small pond .

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Summer , in a small pond , and always have the little fish in the water across the figure, small fish and lightweight body, like a boat slip in the water quickly .
Some small fish swimming freely in the water ; some little fish floating in the water while breathing fresh air while enjoying the scenery ; there ‘s little fish blowing bubbles games held in the bottom of it !

Autumn breeze blowing, the water ripples Dangqi , was shaking like a green jelly .
When the weather is cool , the pool deck will float a layer of mist enveloped the small pond up as a shield to protect a beautiful pond in general .

In winter, the snow , the pond bear a thin layer of ice , perhaps to prevent some naughty kids catch fish it!
A lot of snow accumulation on the ice , as the warm embrace of the mother to protect pond fish too!

Ah !
Beautiful little pond !
Every year you bring us endless joy and boundless imagination , you’re our children’s paradise.

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400 word essay on campus corner

I campus cheap oakleys there large-scale school buildings, there are bustling school playground , but also as a oakleys sunglasses cheap pen -like straight wide Yong Lu , as well as the green ribbon of green belt …… but the general
I like that the sweet corner of the campus 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; flowerbed .

From the main entrance of the school will be able to look cheap oakley sunglasses to see the east side of that big beautiful flower beds .

Campus flower beds in many plants.
Front row is two trees evergreen pine , every day they are like two generals like flowers guarded the princess and our campus .
Flower beds in the middle of a large circle , came closer ah !
They are used in many varieties of flowers sat together before the formation .
Years of red , red as fire , red like Xia , red mess with your eyes .
Morning Glory is also kept to a bamboo pole climb, jump like a beautiful waltz.
Open enough chrysanthemum like a shy little girl, hiding behind the leaves , and some I do not call on the name of the flower of their contests.
The last side is a row of small bushes , like a flock of creeps like protecting flowers princess.
All this is that the green carpet of grass as Pitt set off , extraordinarily enchanting beauty.

In my eyes there is no corner of the campus flower beds in front of Tiananmen Square as gorgeous scene , nor farmers Bo flora flowers inside as eye-catching , but it is our experimental primary school in a beautiful landscape !

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feel the charm of poetry

51 holiday for three days, my assignments is to recite the “primary Bibei 70 Poems ,” exclaimed the whole student back it?
Of course, the whole back .
3 days 70 , it seems difficult to actually complete it did not imagine so terrible .
This book is the poetry of the students Bibei collected together , but most of the memories stirred up the whole back should be no problem .

But back to the whole really a bit difficult, only four days after the student fluent : Wang Wenjing , Xie Jiaxin , Joe Hsieh , Peng Ying .

Back a bit difficult, in fact, more difficult to understand the sentiment .
Time does not allow me to promise oakley plaintiff sunglasses oakley sunglasses wholesale solution analysis , there is no need to talk about a song a song .
Give students two days, so that they complete a book report .
Book reports two forms : one is a sentence appreciation, the other is to use prose oakley sunglasses for kids flicks to sentiment taste poetry .

To fully believe that students , this does not appear that several works.
Published in space , first praise , the second is to share.