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beautiful osmanthus tree

In the south of the former playground of our school has a beautiful large flower beds, one in the fall , where it becomes the most beautiful corner of the school .
Among them, the inside of my favorite trees 0026 ldquo; gold tree 0026 rdquo; 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; a beautiful sweet-scented osmanthus trees.

I stood at a distance to osmanthus trees looked like a huge huge canopy of umbrellas , dark green color mixed with the slightest hint of beige .
I am close to the sweet-scented osmanthus trees, careful observation, Wan mouth enough to have a very rough thick trunk , upper and lower body showing a gray-brown coat, very air .
I reached out and touched everywhere on a section of tree trunk 0026 ldquo ; wrinkles 0026 rdquo; if even a small piece of a small piece of the trunk is composed .
A closer look , there are even a small point and capsules , like the elderly melasma pink oakley sunglasses.
I looked up the look, the golden sun shines on the trees , suddenly, the whole grain golden osmanthus trees have become lightning flash oakley motorcycle sunglasses , bright light shining us , I have become the Oscars shaun white oakley sunglasses.
Osmanthus tree leaves small size, the surface is very smooth , the opposite really like the rough and cement .
If you look carefully , you will find around the leaves jagged circle inlaid with lace , pretty great .
A gust of wind swept the leaves of a tree all俽up, turned a leaf surface , the original dark green leaves , for the pieces of clothes into a soft green .
This sweet-scented osmanthus tree to the number that most beautiful of the beautiful sweet-scented osmanthus .
Do not look at this sweet-scented osmanthus is so small, but they originally Cang Sheng osmanthus tree dressed more beautiful.
Osmanthus a nest so many pressing a nest , thanks to a number also numerous, like a thick layer of snow , very beautiful .
Not only look good, even if you’re standing where it shipped , osmanthus fragrance can also nostrils.

Osmanthus , you beautiful posture let me revel want you to be our school a beautiful landscape .

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rural summer night

Haoyuedangkong summer night , silvery , cool wind slowly sent bursts of fragrance and pleasant fragrance that summer .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; my grandparents in a small stroll the winding road , watching quietly summer oakley sunglasses gascan slowly walked forward .
That golden moonlight like a long, thin rope , surrounded by lush woods Yu , trees , flowers, grass in the breeze caresses , like beautiful dancing girl .
Next to the woods there is a crystal clear creeks , streams like a distorting mirror , reflecting the shadows shaking and my thin body.
A small stream of grass, has only a small frog jumped wildly now sitting upright , drum cheek , 0026 ldquo; quack 0026 rdquo; cried , as cute as cute little monks chanting .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; this beautiful moonlight , oakley custom sunglasses this tall trees , which slowly flowing stream , there was a clear crisp sound of frogs , make up of a mildly sweet music.
Rustic summer night really makes me intoxicated .
My grandfather milk and milk oakley minute sunglasses tour in this painting , painting in my eyes is wonderful , memorable.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; ah !
Village night was really beautiful, I love the countryside at night !

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Ching Ming grave essay 400 words

What a concept of life , who can say.
There is always a lot of people from naive childhood stumbled over to the end of life .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Today is 0026 ldquo; 0026 rdquo ;, the festival , I got up early in the morning .
Head out the window to look outside oakley sunglasses wholesale , and the world of the hairs like rain, this burst of rain in the silent underground , really 0026 ldquo; Qingming Festival rain have , pedestrians Deep Sorrow .
0026 rdquo;

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsoakley sunglasses onlinep; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; March and April the weather is always rainy tobacco smoke , this moist air , dip the Qingming Festival , also dip Wan
family worship grief , take a deep breath , everything is so heavy , even the birds chirping also feel that the whine.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; gray day , I ride a motorcycle toward grandfather grandmother at home , along the way , I saw the white paper money was burning debris filled the black after more than half the sky.
The whole world is more dark room , a scene that I think everyone should advocate sweeping environmental protection , civilization.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbssale oakley sunglassesp; my grandfather, grandmother , mother, uncle, aunt , who also along the mountain , great-grandfather came to the grandfather, grandmother ‘s grave before .
Then , one of our people said to the dead by one respect.
Then , I saw the big people dug a big green grass , to the tomb of the heap place .
So , why do I have to ask my grandmother ?
Grandmother stared have word to say 0026 ldquo; to move at least one of the people , which is the ancestral respect …… 0026 rdquo; after I heard , on an as gas to move several

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; this festival , I not only sweep the tomb , but also know a lot of folk customs and really benefited ah


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essay about the rain of

saying 0026 ldquo; spring precious as oil .
0026 rdquo; Today, we have ushered in the first rain .

0026 buy oakley sunglasses onlinenbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nboakley sunglass rangesp; 0026 nbsp; with 0026 ldquo; rumbling 0026 rdquo; the thunder and a bolt of lightning , rain 0026 ldquo; crashed 0026 rdquo; ground floor up, like so many white
pearl heaven, beautiful!

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; rain really naughty !
It will go to a small river to play hide and seek , and before the river come to understand, rain hid the creek 0026 ldquo; belly 0026 rdquo; gone ; it will go to the grass of a body to play the slides from the slide , the
but it grumble loudly, it slid to the ground , ass fall bloom ; it will be a boost to the glass calligraphy , writing horizontal, vertical writing , really like a calligraphy master !

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; the rain was a 0026 ldquo; magician 0026 rdquo; it!
Look : the rain fell on the grass , the grass is green ; the rain falls on the flowers, the flowers become beautiful ; the rain fell on the willow , willow branches out of the new ; the rain fell on the bamboo shoots , bamboo shoots and laughed

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; frogskin oakley sunglasses rain to the earth to bring a vibrant scene , and gave rise to a wonderful revelation , I love the rain .

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essay fried eggs

0026 rdquo; life is like climbing to a step by step.
0026 rdquo; I’m going to experience the fun today at the fried eggs .

My own first attempt confident !

I took out four eggs from the refrigerator and began playing the eggs .
When I hit the fourth oakley sunglasses repair eggs, unexpected things happen, the egg can be really naughty and want to jump out of my hands [ anthropomorphic rhetoric prescription oakley sunglasses uk wonderful !
] I held it tightly , positive play , when it still fell heavily to the ground , egg stuck to the ground , I managed to put things these slimy things right , so that only three eggs
a .
I put them in stir well and opened the gas, put a little oakley sunglasses with headphones The yellow soybean oil.
To stir the egg sprinkled on top.
I thought: fried eggs takes time .
Would pick up ” cooking bible” of this book and began to read with relish .
The book says : 0026 ldquo; fried eggs, two or three minutes , take the eggs separately.
0026 rdquo; I use a shovel when the knife used to separate the eggs slowly , then turned a few months .
But still late, eggs have become scorched black .
I thought : 0026 ldquo; suffering is a university !
0026 rdquo; it seems to do something is not easy.
Then , sitting in the living room watching TV mom hurriedly walked 0026 ldquo; how so bad !
0026 rdquo; my mother made ​​a face from her hands like a mouse met a cat escaped.

As the saying goes 0026 ldquo; Every beginning is hard !
0026 rdquo; fried eggs also need real skill.
It seems simple to learn to say things are not so simple !

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Safari tour flooded city

Mom and I am pleased to come to the door of the flooded city safari .
Wow !
People are really more than you .
Dare we were tight queue bought tickets , the ticket into the zoo.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; We first take the train came to bear museum, pestering my mother bought me five yuan a pack of food to feed the bears .
I tried hard to fling , bears bad eyes , did not have to .
I tried hard to fling again , which look Bruins finally eat the food.
I was fed too happy to open a small train uncle has been urging us on the bus.
Stupid Bruins looked daft oakley golf sunglasses look lovely , really want to leave .

Then we went to the loose monkey house .
Was shocked when I walked past!
Because the first time I have seen such a small monkey.
Small nose , small eyes and clever , small face , his face was white hair, long brown tail, jump across the shelf to swing , very cute !

We also came to the hippo departure hall .
One side of the pond , I saw a hippo , Zhuang Zhuang body, very Wei Wu oakley motorcycle sunglasses .
Mother said: where there is a river horse .
I went over to see was terrified : Because the other end of the river horse than a big cows also big , physically strong, eyes like two big bells, super ridiculous .

We also go through the playground area and other birds .
When the chain bridge over playgrounds , mother oakley zero sunglasses fell a bit , I am anxious tears almost flow out, only for the mother refuel at the shore !

Time flies , my mother has been urging me to go home.
I think the best program today or circus : those uncles , aunts and animal actors’ performances too wonderful .
Horse skills, trapeze, Bear motorcycle 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip; my mother told me : you do not see them very easily perform on stage , they have to pay in the audience how much effort ah !
Three minutes on stage , the audience ten years of practice .