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About weeding essay

summer vacation , my mom and dad went to my grandfather ‘s house to play .

One morning , I finished the job , and oakley sunglass case my grandfather went to the fields weeding , I thought : I’m great strength, must be very easy to pull the grass and clean .

We went to the ground, at first glance , tall and dense grass .
I roll up their sleeves , they started up .
I saw a particularly long grass , it grabbed its head , I did not expect , did not actually come out to uproot .
How is this going ?
Grandpa said : 0026 ldquo; This is an old grass, very deeply rooted , if you just pinch the head , you can only pull the upper part , could not pull the bottom half .
oakley prescription sunglasses uk So, you have to hold the roots , pull up from below .
0026 rdquo;

I listened to my grandfather , then did as he said, look, bent down to pull from the bottom up , and sure enough it uprooted again.

Weeding think so too have learned , and today they learned a thing , really pleasing.

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Kung Fu Tea

In my grandfather ‘s hometown mens oakley sunglasses 0026 mdash; 0026 mdash; Chaozhou in Guangdong , there is a custom , every house guests , the guests have to soak kung fu tea.

Today , the family came two guests , uncles quickly took tea , ready to soak kung fu tea.
oakley prescription sunglasses I thought: Kung Fu Tea in the end is what ?
Why is home to the guests should give them soak effort Chahe ?
I want to personally experience it!
I saw only a few teacups tennis so much.
Uncle first one put a big cup of black tea bag inside , pour boiling water , cover with lid.
Wait one minute , wait juice oakley gascan sunglasses out, down to four small teacup , followed by the four small cups to wash the side , and then drained .
I’m wondering why his uncle should soaked tea drained it?
So he asked his uncle , his uncle said : 0026 ldquo; tea is the first to be used to wash the cup.
0026 rdquo; was it !
Uncle again pour on boiling water , cover , put the soaked kung fu tea into a cup, I saw the big people have picked up the cup, one is solved.
Third Uncle again soaked into the cup of tea , but I Accidentally, uncle tea drained again .
I asked Uncle : 0026 ldquo; uncle , have not washed the cup yet?
Why wash the cup it?
0026 rdquo; uncle said : 0026 ldquo; has become accustomed to.
0026 rdquo; uncle so repeatedly tea.
A bubble on the bubble two hours .
I think this is kung fu tea !

But I still can not drink the kung fu tea.

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rules cherish life

0026 nbsp; If someone asked you what is the most precious in the world, what would you answer ?
Is the time ?
Is the money ?
Knowledge ?
Is the moral ?
And I would say that the most precious lives.

The poet said : Life is a sunset lining sunset , pine vertical cliffs, miles off Pingsha Qiu Yan , March spring and snow, are sword horse , gold mink wine, is the solitary cold months wandering song .

In my opinion , life is not only that you and I come into the world with a cry , but the mother of a pregnant woman ‘s hard ; life , not just you and I have a fortune , but all of our efforts to cultivate perfusion .

0026 nbsp; God is fair and miserly , he only gave us one life to precious life can not be profane language , so cherish life became obligatory thing.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; ever witnessed in the news on a thrilling scene : on the road, walking in front of the boy was a frisky girl, head wearing a pair of pink yellow bow, wearing a beautiful white veil
, is preparing to cross the road, stopped the green light , red light , the boy immediately stopped at the side of the road , the little girl was quickly rushed forward .
Just at that moment, just as the car drove away like an arrow to the mysterious little girl.
Is focusing too late to call the driver brakes , 0026 quot; bang 0026 quot; bang, the little girl went straight to the back , a long hair sad arc sketched out in the wind, the blood is white veil decorated under shocking
red , how stunning .
Girls 0026 quot; sleep 0026 quot; , and never woke up , an oakley ducati sunglasses brilliant life since disappeared.

0026 nbsp; Why is across the street , the boy was left intact it?
The answer is: the boy know

Obey the traffic rules .

0026 ldquo; red for stop , green line , yellow please wait.
0026 rdquo; everyone knows this is the traffic law , the boy saw a red light in compliance with the law , while girls rampage, the accident would not have luck, so cheap oakley sunglasses sale led to irreparable tragedy.
0026 ldquo; Do not let the lack of civilization , MO with their lives on their way 0026 rdquo; This is the story to my deep feelings.
The driver is also at fault , while the phone while driving is extremely dangerous thing.
If the little girl to comply with traffic rules , drivers obey the traffic rules , is not this this is not the tragedy that happened it would not have happened ?
Unfortunately, the world does not regret medicine .

0026 nbsp; fragile life is not perfect , and only treasure , take care to womens oakley sunglasses let accident Fengyun time bomb buried in the side not start .

0026 nbsp; life is like ice generally vulnerable, protect it now, with a short life colorful pieces of brush to draw a landscape !

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dream seasons

0026 nbsp; seasons , seasons , they have a fantastic time ,

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; Spring is a beautiful season ,, flowers are blooming , a good school Showtime to the scene, the branches oriole 0026 ldquo ; Yi Yi 0026 rdquo; singing .
Mildly sweet , intoxicating.
Magpies flying merrily 0026 ldquo; twitter 0026 rdquo; singing .
As the saying goes : 0026 ldquo; magpie flying thing come .
0026 rdquo; ground plants, Zhengfangdouyan .
Look at your bright red roses. Yellow Milan, How nice .
Magnificent peony is beautiful.
Peony reigning beauty , scented, it is mind wide Yee , mesmerizing. Morning glory shape , is so good-looking , like a small speaker, plus spring girl feat coupled with green leaves them well , it is truly
. nice 0026 ldquo; Yinianzhiji in the spring 0026 rdquo;. green grass , beautiful flowers , singing birds , and people laugh , constitute this splendid spring Spring has brought vitality , brings hope .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; summer is a pleasant season, blame sparkling water , lure kids in small groups went to the river , in the blue river enjoy playing a variety of delicious fruits have also
listed, one chubby big watermelon, a string of purple grapes , it is slander extension dripping .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; autumn fruit of both a harvest season , but also a fruitful season seductive ,

A group of group of butterflies began to perk up , you might ask : ? Fall gnaw it will butterfly it

Yes, that is being blown autumn leaves Yeah. Look, they enjoy whipped in the air, colorful .

Red, yellow , green 0026 hellip; .., the ground covered with golden crops of corn , like a gold

Dolls, flushed bright red sorghum oakley motorcycle sunglasses face .

Winter is a cold season , brewing a silver dream, whistling , —– cold and windy snow on the ground the tree on the roof 0026 hellip;.. 0026 Hellip;., All seemed enveloped in a white world
the children ran out of the house swarming like , come snow , some snowmen oakley polarized sunglasses, some snowball fights , some cast snowballs , suddenly, the snow boiling, farmers also grin , said: next year again
is a big harvest in this world of ice and snow , daffodils stretch stand, spit fragrance add color , could not help reminds me of the Song Dynasty poet verses : Sin and Tianqi get water oakley m frame sunglasses, incense lonely moving ice cold
muscle . Xianfengdaogu now who ?

0026 nbsp;

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Hello Morning

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; morning , morning glory just blooming bud , glistening dew is still playing on the grass , a plume of light clouds around the eaves , refreshing .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; beautiful morning glory open in a clear morning , one purple flowers like wind chimes , flowers dotted with green leaves , green leaves set off the flowers , morning glory open a lot, follow
oakley gascan sunglasses with stems and vines , my eyes came to the grass.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; dew on the grass would like pearls scattered on the grass , which it scattered careless ghost here ?
Is ant ?
No, this is impossible, ants are industrious , how could the 0026 ldquo; Pearl 0026 rdquo; to lose it!
Glistening dew on the grass , so that the grass becomes more tender , more green.
From afar, shiny , water dripping , green one .
This green is unspeakable , like spring grass , like a summer green .
In short, it’s beautiful !

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; milk after a plume of white clouds , vaguely reveals several houses.
Clouds filled the air , and gave this cause black oakley sunglasses add a little mystery, I walked away in a cloud of light , as if the clouds like .

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; my journeying watched the fog , watching flowers , watching grass with dew drops .
I watched, suddenly rooster sounds to me recall , fog disappeared, pearl grass did not, and perhaps try to recover the lost pearl went to the bar !
Morning Glory also hung his head .
Ah !
A beautiful and refreshing morning passed.

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; do not be sad !
Tomorrow morning there will be the same as morning glory , accompanied by , there will be scattered in the 0026 ldquo; Pearl 0026 rdquo; waiting for the owner of the emergence of 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; 0026 nbsp; believe : a better tomorrow !

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waves of life

Children as a gust of wind blowing, waves microwave often stirred up waves of water , life as well.

A home , I will indulge in “Harry Potter “, the kitchen, the pots and pans symphony sounded .
Choi Heung suddenly filled with an enticing four weeks , it could not help but salivate.
0026 ldquo; neat , over for dinner !
0026 rdquo; 0026 ldquo; Oh ?
0026 rdquo; without looking up , I should be with, but did not put into action.
I do not know how long , oakley cycling sunglasses 0026 ldquo; bam !
0026 rdquo; bang , oakley sunglass case I looked up in surprise , amazement , looking at her mother.
She Cha Zhaoyao , gasped 0026 ldquo; tell you do not listen , ear plugs ass hair it!
0026 rdquo; , I grimaced , Mom 0026 ldquo; Puchi 0026 rdquo; smile , the family will be filled from laughter.

A wave after wave , is really one after another .
Afternoon, I absentmindedly promise piano , looked straight ahead while staring at the unopened bag of potato chips .
To be parents one at work, I opened with tenth the speed of chips in one hand and relish to taste one hand casually pressing keys.
Ah yo, ear pain , looked up , and my father ‘s big hand tighten lived my little ears.
How embarrassing scene at the time , but even the dumb head could imagine .
I Qiqiyiai explain the 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip;

Like waves can not count , joy dance , raging , naughty 0026 hellipoakley sunglasses amazon; 0026 hellip ;, have their decorations, their background, my life and more features !

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do one day a small family owner

Today is my first time doing small family owners , but also my most memorable time, so I want this unforgettable women oakley sunglasses that once put cruet .
I got up early , wash my clothes, put health at home all clean , went out to buy food , my mother gave me $ 50, I went out and bought , I took 50 dollars jolly
, when , how much tension I was , I do not know what to buy food is good, then I asked all over the entire market price of vegetables, I bought a big row , celery , fish, spinach 0026 hellip; 0026 hellip ;, buy a home ,
I took the dishes clean , well cut, on one plate, so that the child will be when cooking much easier .

Started to cook , I do first big row , which is the mother eleven pointing , my mother walked away, behind the dishes , only I did not pointing a mother one away, I’ll hand baby oakley sunglassesoakley
liv sunglasses busy feet chaotic, confused, my mother to see me like this, really dumbfounding.
But I still persevere Cook burned , you can eat, I saw my mother ate with relish , Cook eat wiped out , after a day of housework , I really exhausted , but eat with relish to see Mom and Dad ,
my fatigue suddenly swept away.
I finally felt a hard day , my mother can persevere down , but I am happy.

I finally feel that only small family day when the owner , took me half dead tired , my mother cooking and laundry every day so rub , I appreciate the hard work and the mother is not easy .

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memorable outing

Early this morning , I woke up , why?
Because all students outing today , this day , I can wait a long time !
oakley perscription sunglasses to get out and see the beautiful winter jasmine with the wind shaking from time to time emit waves of intoxicating fragrance.
From a distance blossoming golden flower , as if those many small flashing stars, as it took the human eye.
They seemed to me farewell ; tree grandfather smiling at me , as if to say to me : 0026 ldquo; have fun !
0026 rdquo;

All of a sudden went to the school gate , I scampered into the classroom full of laughter , the students you ask me, I ask you , what you bring good things to you?
You bring any good books that way ?
At this time, wearing a red jacket with a nice smile soup teacher came in, little number , and then said : 0026 ldquo; queuing outside !
0026 rdquo; instruction just finished , the students lined up on out of the classroom , and then , out of school , get on the bus oakley sunglass range car , everyone singing cheerful songs, all of them are excited just like a happy bird
departure Hello !

Came to the Silk Museum , many students come up with a variety of cameras , and some other people ‘s work in the film , some teachers in the film , as well as students in the shoot ……. I also took a few ,
give you a look !
Look, it looks like her , cute !
Oakley running sunglasses messy hair , by the wind , exposing long tongue , for I make faces !
Now , do not patronize the laugh, I’ll give you see a fine 0026 nbsp; caused silk works it!
How beautiful ah !
The above seems to be a painter painting Buddha , in fact, come out with silk embroidery , embroidered really fine ah !
Well, do not talk about with you , and I want to continue to visit !

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