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A pair of clear eyes
The early days of my composition “just want to listen to the voices of flowers” to gain knowledge of honor “ · fostering new · harmony ” prize essay contest third-prize July 23rd morning, I am very excited to attend the ceremony. However, on the day of the podium, has clear eyes attracted me, this pair of eyes, let me suddenly think of the water flowing down the valley, just like the blooming wild white pure, transparent, giving strength, that firm light makes me understand what is called a hard struggle. The girl won the first prize in the competition, the last word I only remember her name is &ldquo &rdquo cloud;. Listen to the conference host teacher introduction, the cloud is from the Ziyun mountain region, which is very remote and poor areas of Guizhou. Where a perennial water shortage, power shortage, and traffic inconvenience. As can be seen from the clouds, her family is very poor. She’s as thin as a thread-paper wore a faded red shirt, shoulder place color has faded to white. Her dress reminds me of my book the faded petals, although not gorgeous, but exudes a faint fragrance of the plain. But from her body can be seen in an indifferent, a firm in the storm. Perhaps it was her clear eyes that led me, so that I still can not forget her, the eyes are not only transparent and intelligent. Although the cloud from the poor mountainous areas, but she got the first prize essay contest, she came from Ziyun, and her name is also called cloud, no wonder she is like a mountain of white clouds, pure and elegant. Cloud rather pale, when she took her prize essay by me on the podium to read aloud, she tied back hair brush on my lips, I smell a faint smell of soap with mud. She was standing stiffly on the table, his face suddenly thrown two pieces of red, with a strong accent Mandarin reading to her: “ a cold morning, just before dawn, my mother and I walk the decades to monkey farm to sell food, where it was light. Cold shivers I finally came to the first people to buy food … … the wearing fashionable high-heeled shoes, feet, … “ … ” the woman bought food left side, while the bad way off the floor litter leaves, an old grandpa bow back, tottered in ‘ Dong Dong ’ shoes sound picking up leaves behind … … ” cloud reading, such as the eyes of the Spring Lake overflow eyes, then I found from the Gascan Oakley sunglasses has the same eyes with tears. In bursts of applause, cloud clear eyes always occupy my brain. The award after the end of the event, the teacher took us to see the Oakley Fishing Sunglasses view. In a planetarium, sat beside me in the cloud, we seem to be under the stars. All of a sudden passing of night, watching the meteor slowly across the sky, watching Altair and Vega in the Milky Way at the other side of the distance on both sides, such as a lighthouse, cloud’s eyes suddenly widened. She felt very strange, surprised. Yeah! For a girl in a poor mountain area, it’s amazing. In her heart this is really a dream world! Through the eyes clear, I can see her, her firm determination. At noon, I deliberately sat next to the cloud, but in the morning to sit for a few hours of the car she could not eat anything at the moment, but she was even more pale face. Accompany me to the podium of the Organization Department of Education Bureau, aunt teacher always advised her, looked at a full table of food, she does not want what. Her eyes look of pain, the mouth is slightly crossed, sorry? A smile? I can’t tell. I was very surprisedHogan sandaliYa, a poor girl, he won the first prize. I think that’s the result of her efforts! In her dream, she only succeeded. Her experience, give her infinite strength. Because in her dream only bright, mysterious world, is worth her exploration, worthy of the pursuit of the perfect world. Cloud, I will never forget this girl as big as me, the girl from the poor mountain area. In my heart, often emerge her clear eyes, flashing intelligent, firm light, is that kind of transparent, with magical power. She always reminds me, shocked me, no matter how difficult I met, I want to be strong, like Xiang Yun, to work, to work hard! A pair of clear eyes

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Look! Standing in front of you is a “ handsome guy ” his eyes big, eyes show a small boy unique clever. His face is black, grandma said he fell on the ground can not find. He pursed his lips and rolled her eyes and said: “ the black is a healthy color! ” a saying that grandma rendered speechless. And all the little boy, he is especially fun, just give him something, even if it is a piece of paper, he can also play a lot. Who is he? Let me tell you: he’s my 6 year old brother. My brother has the biggest characteristic of — — greedy mouth. This summer, hot weather, a grandmother bought a lot of ice cream. The younger brother, but a “ a ” a good opportunity. I saw him eating the right hand, left hand, while six ice cream into his stomach, but his tongue kept licking his lips, like the ice cream taste in the aftertaste. He bounced back home to open the refrigerator, and ready to take the ice cream. This can be cooking grandmother stopped: “ alas, you ate six root, but also eat ah. ” grandma’s advice, “ eat your stomach and eat bad. ” “ nothing, my stomach is ice belly! ” brother said as he patted his belly fat &rdquo “. &ldquo: No, I don’t allow you to eat this root. ” “ good grandma, let me eat. ” “ no! ” brother will see grandma &ldquo as hard as iron; ”, sat down on the sofa, his left hand holding his chin, frowning, contemplating what. For a moment I saw him like “ the discovery of the new continent ” just popped up, grandma came next: “ grandma, I forgot to tell you, you just cook out, Grandpa called him ten points back from Shenyang, allowing you to pick him up, look, it’s ten ten, you go ah! ” the brother said, grandma suddenly think of it the day before yesterday, Grandpa, said he is coming today. So she took off her apron and headed for the station. Brother “ &rdquo plot; succeed, liekai the mouth smiled, and took out two ice cream. This is not, brother’s &lHogan sandaliDquo; a ” yet! In October 1st of this year is her sixty birthday, three layer cake on the table, the aroma emanating from time to time, has already attracted brother drool with envy. But we are not on the table, as a junior, the younger brother did not dare to act rashly. He looked at the cake and looked at grandma. He had a new idea. He leaned grandma said: “ grandma, you want this delicious cake? ” “ I think it must be delicious. ” grandma smiled and replied. “ do you want to eat? ” brother asks again. “ think! ” grandma said while touching his brother’s head. “ that’s good! ” brother dug a large piece of butter with his hand. His actions happened to be found aunt, aunt scolded: “ you this child is really rude to … … ” no other small aunt brother said, flashing his big eyes water Lingling said loudly: “ not I want to eat, grandma is like! ” said while putting cream into Grandma’s mouth. Grandma just licked a said: “ the rest of you eat it. ” this is the younger brother of Italy, he quickly put the cream lick away, eyes stared at the table on the cake. Everyone said: “ you ah, eating a bowl, looking at pot Oakley sunglasses frogskin. ” listen to this brother red face smile. My brother is so greedy, so we gave design Oakley sunglasses to give him a name “ ” — — “ under ”. Comment: This article was written “little brother”, with line drawing techniques, full facts, extremely vivid image, a playful, greedy, clever, can play small “conspiracy” boy image placed in front of the reader, wow. Of course, this essay is difficult to say how much ideological significance, but the ability to show such a true description is extremely valuable. Mumma

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Mother’s care
Let me the most memorable is the mother’s care. Mother’s care, like a rainbow in the sky after the rain, colorful; mother’s care, like the summer breeze, to bring you the cool; mother’s care, like the wall covered with dense ivy, cut constantly tangled … … yes, it is this about the only interpretation of the life history of the many strike a deep chord with this, it is concerned about, until the emergence of out life countless sentimental story. When I lean, just like a vine, skin yellow than that of burning wax. The neighbors often joke about me and say I can feed the ants in a few days. The mother’s heart is not worried about every hour and moment of my body, I took her, again and again wandering in the hospital, although each examination results are all normal, never found what was wrong, but my mother is still worried about … … years of wind let mother tall figure thinner to mother’s confident face growing old … … imperceptibly, I was 13 years old, my body every day up, her face covered with a smile began to — — it can be said that in the 13 years I have walked in one day and night not accompanied by the mother’s care spent. Remember a summer camp organized by the school, the mother began to do not let me go, in my insistence on the request, the mother had no choice but to agree. Because this is the first time I travel alone, mother nature cannot rest. Before leaving, she repeatedly, 10000 asked: “ be careful to go out to play, followed by the teacher, do not eat food, sleep to cover … … ” a string of nagging, a burst of wordy, started to make me impatient, I even feel hate. Would have said yes, she did not send me to the station, but at that moment the car starts slowly, but I clearly see, a corner of the station, clearly have a vague and familiar figure, a pair of eyes staring at my concern. That moment, my tears imperceptibly blurred eyes, I looked at the mother, motionless, until her disappear in my eyes. Travel life, heart a sense of emptiness, that mother’s care is so rare, she has become my only hope, also became the son of the mother’s thoughts and worries … … moonlight mother, are you okay? I gradually understand, mother wanted to use her rough hands for children pink Oakley sunglasses took hold of the moon, the stars, but she is not the mother; want to use her hands to his son to bring joy, stay warm, it is possible; my mother is not in her a pair of warm hands silently for her son to do things that I can do? Rain, quietly under the night, dark and long. I walk in the cold street, the cold rain on me. The students laughing and talking to share the joy of the exam, but my heart has been with the cold rain, become cold, lost vitality. A failure of the exam, the exam in a complete mess, how to go home to parents? I muddled downstairs, the stairs stood a man, yellow light is that familiar face, the gentle smile. “ you look at you, the clothes are wet, cold how to do? Such a big child, and will not take care of themselves! ” my mother took my bag. Hold me up to go upstairs, “ right, how about this test result? ” “ … &hellip I … I; … I’m sorry for your … … ” my voice choked, mother was stupefied, pulling me to sit down, and then pick up the paper, I analyze the cause of the error, the original because of carelessness. Mother sighed, said: “ children, you must get rid of carelessness, learn from this lesson! ” my mother’s eyes are relative, I can feel the mother’s eyes, a little more hope and encouragement. Look at the relentless years in her mother’s Oakley sunglasses for cheap forehead carved a few staff, I cried, looked at the mother’s gone through the vicissitudes of the face, I really cried, but the tears are because the mother’s care and become sweet … … friendship may fade, oath perhaps forgottenCollezione Hogan 2016, but the family will last forever. Every morning and evening, time rolls on, every point of my progress, is the crystallization of mother blood, it includes the mother don’t know much care. Mother’s care, like the summer rain, deeply moistens my dry heart; it is the soul of the lightning, the sublimation of the spirit; it is my mother’s care, the growth ladder, it led me down a good life every step, every hurdle it helped me through life! Mother’s care

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A “product” instruction
Name: Hong Bi gender: female date of production: the biggest feature in April 7, 1994: my greedy learning table drawer, drawer. Computer desk anyway can hold things are packed. What’s in there? Is it a book? Is a gift from my classmates? Is my diary “““no! No! No! There is a snack, a fragrant and large seeds, and fragrant crisp, with spicy and hot French fries, potato chips, candy is only too many to count (alas, not to say, and I have to fly three thousand feet slobber “ ”.) I am greedy Jin; can be said to be “ no wonder Wurenbuxiao. ” I eat snacks on the addiction, my mother said I was in the “ snacks poison. ” no, I have a lot of jokes because I love to eat snacks. I remember once, my composition “perception of the sixth grade” good writing, the teacher will read my composition in the class: “ only the sixth grade is the fruit juice, fresh and delicious and warm tenderness; the sixth grade is the bitter coffee, with thick fragrance, the sixth grade is the odor, bittersweet “““” students. Laugh, I rather baffling. Until there is a classmate say: “ Hong Bi, how do you use to eat the metaphor? How do you like it? ” I only see light suddenly, make a big red face. Yes, what’s all the coffee, &ldquo ” “ “ ” juice; and odor ” alas! However, to eat the things written in the composition, writing is also a kind of enjoyment. Ha, ha.) broad interest: my interest is wide, which I most love reading. Every day I read a book to usher in the dawn, look at the book to sleep, book is my close friend. To this end, you gave me a nickname &ldquo ” bookworm;. Honestly, I am satisfied with this nickname is not, I think I should call the bookworm bookworm. This nickname, but when I deserved. I remember there was a time when I got lost in the “playful girl.”. I not only watch, even sleep time is not let go. Mom at ten off, if I turn on the light, she will find that how dark I read? I bought a small flashlight, hiding in bed with a small flashlight according to the book, quickly eating a Book “ &rdquo. This is definitely not a rumor, otherwise, my mother knows my ass will be “ flowering ”. I have many interests, such as the Internet, playing chess, tourism, rope skipping, the biggest weakness of the piano. Thinking: “ ” you may wonder: what say what disadvantages? Obviously is the advantage of it! Oh, you Sunglasses oil rig OakleyDonne Hogan 2016I do not know, because “ &rdquo, I can speak one’s mind; a lot of trouble. Remember that there is a Chinese class, I was punished because there is no correct problem. My heart is very uncomfortable, in the heart of the blame: why don’t my mother to me to generate a smart child? Why did the teacher ask this question? Is the teacher and my mother was thinking I heard wrong., Wu Q: “ don’t listen carefully in class, criticized the blame? ” I was like a paste with live, without thinking, he said: “ blame teacher and mother. ” Oh, my God, I’m saying that. Needless to say, this criticism is not running!!! Function: all guests, sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, help the teacher to manage the class (I am monitor), one of the most famous touch window. Oakley lenses is a funny to make parents happy. I remember once, because after school and students throwing sandbags, came home to six o’clock. When I came back, my parents had finished dinner, mother nature is not happy, on the face of the Qing Zhuanyin “ ” see, immediately to the “ the &rdquo Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.. I was very quick witted, rolled up the skirt, slightly bend your legs, head down, learn the way said: “ in the mother, daughter because of fun, not to accompany you to dinner, please forgive me! ” mother, like being pulled out of the gas teeth, “ burst ” a laugh, Dad zhibuqiyao smile. The greedy I + I +&ldquo a wide interest in thinking; ” the function of the I + I = a multiple personality of me, a true real me!!! A “product”.

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Look at the Qiaoyatou group
Thousands of times looking back on life, accidentally sprained neck, I was able to meet with you, friend. -— — to my dear Qiaoyatou are talking about the girls in our class, but that a few days and nights on the topic, they each have their own personality, each have their own characteristics, each have their own hobbies. Some timid, some rough, some &hellip &hellip below, always melancholy and moody;; to introduce the Qiaoyatou introduced in our class! As timid as a mouse “ Di ” Di, my good friend. The boys made a docile girl in front of adults, but abnormal quiet and timid, let me feel very annoyed. Every time I go to my house, she always has such a problem: “ your mom and dad are not at home? At home, then I will not go to the. ” “ no! ” in order to retain her, I had made up a lie, to pull her rash and too much in haste to my door. But the trouble is yet to come! Did not enter the house prescription sunglasses UK Oakley, she repeated the same question. It makes me feel very depressed, just wrapped around her for a long time, she reluctantly into the gate of — — “ Wan yan! Back pull? ” hear my mother’s voice, she will blame me while side hurriedly put on shoes, &rdquo, “ escape; only one person left me shaking his head in the sigh. The &ldquo &rdquo Scarlett always melancholy and moody;; Scarlett, my deskmate. A good let me envy her, so always melancholy and moody. At ordinary times, always love to wrap around me to ask: “ why is his grade so good? ” and “ why do people always die? ” “ why am I always so unlucky ah … … ” and then by giving a long sigh, so many why always in my head around, which makes Oakley Cycling Sunglasses I can’t stand. Today when we go to school together, start well, take a long time, she suddenly grabbed me tightly, eyes suddenly flashed “ Huahua said: “ ”, why mom and dad so hate me, what I have is wrong? ” look at her suddenly this way, make me at a loss, somehow. Then asked her: “ what’s wrong with your mom and dad? ” I saw her eyes sharp, staring straight ahead, then issued a sneer, said admiringly: “ why your mom and dad are so good? ” “ ” my Oh, God! I sigh sound, syncope in (exaggerated). My class savage &ldquo exposed &roakley liv; sunglassesdquo; dew, my savior. The name of a pleasant girl, but so savage behavior! (I mean the boy) as long as the boys to her slightly dissatisfied, the poor man “ ” &ldquo &rdquo will escape;. So, as long as I bullied by boys, immediately report to the dew, dew jienangxiangzhu immediately. Otherwise, I called her “ &rdquo Savior;! Methods there are three boys exposed to trick: 1. Her hand very long, as long as she blows, attention must be paid to the ears, not careful, she will be a strive for the impossible grabbed you ears, and you shall find you, she will not let go, until the bell rang … … two. Her nails also stay very long, sharp, a pull her bones claw &rdquo “ human resource; the boy, was caught red body, pain “ ow ” call; three. Because of her hand, long nails, ready for this trick: pulling. To be honest, boys are most afraid of it. As long as there is a big eyes, stretched out claw “ ” “ said: this lady to pulling people Oh … … ” fast men immediately fled in panic, the short legged boys, after a desperate battle of “ ” &ldquo, &rdquo, will be covered all over with cuts and bruises;; general blue, purple one. What about? The girl of my class is a personality, is not the same! This memorable and beautiful scenery will be forever in my memory. Look at the Qiaoyatou group

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A person I admire most
Gaochun Qingshan primary school six (1) &ldquo in the current society, learning; &rdquo to XX; the slogan has been everywhere, in our class, there is a people that I admire, he is my class librarian &mdash — Wang Chong. A, “ mastermind ” was a well deserved reputation as everyone knows, Wang Chong is my class “ a ” and “ extra-curricular knowledge of King ”. Knowledge and books for him, that desire is essential, he wants to acquire knowledge, it can be used to describe “ like hunger and thirst to &rdquo. Sometimes he would order a book like adhesive patch like you, until you are willing to lend to him, and promised him any time, he will stop. Because he was so careful reading, so desperately want to get knowledge, to make him the knowledge of the brain. Whether you ask for science, life or classical literature, he will answer in detail for you. Wang Chong is like the US side consultant, you want knowledge at any time. Once the practice teacher asked each of us to collect some names of flowers and trees, and find out their properties. Some students are afraid of writing, just write Oakley sunglasses case a few do things carelessly. But Wang Chong not only seriously lists the properties of more than and 60 kinds of flowers and trees, but also to write their name, by the countless students wow “ ” sound of envy. This view, Wang Chong “ a ” it is really not general! Two, his humorous language often make people laugh and cry about another feature of Wang Chong, I have to show the white feather. Usually, my mouth will offend people often have trouble with others, and that Wang Chong humorous language often makes people uproarious, I think, is that rigid wood will be made to laugh at my stomach. He! Wang Chong is my class Oakley sunglasses kids comic fans, “what”, “the origin of the Zodiac” douniwan ah, he said his mesmerizing, closely reasoned and well argued, the vivid description of the lead a person to endless aftertastes, often make people personally on the scene. He also brought humor into life. One time, my mood is not good, a person sitting on the seat of temper, but at this time, Wang Chong ran making fun of me, I was angry, ready to attack “ ”, Wang Chong did not panic, Xipixiaolian still calm, also joked: “ hey, I say big girl, well, not, not, hey hey, brother, aunt, no, ah ah ah, no, should be a man, but the devil is angry impulse, easy to wrinkle, I don’t want to be an old lady! ” “ you say it again! ” “ biching around you, ah, I was so frightened! ” look at me angry look, he did not give up, still relentlessly strafe to me “ ”, usually airs say I have rendered speechless. Another time, I go to play to meet Wang Tong, did not say a few words, and then started the &ldquo debate; ” struggle. In the end, he like the avuncular training me: “ you this child is really hateful, hateful, sad, poor, wretched, alas, circle, point … … ” I was “ the face of spittle, Agape and tongue-tied were training to have nothing to say. Like every time I fight him, is presumptuous, I always Oakley polarised Sunglasses lost miserably and return, but I lose lose sincerely convinced, happy. Three, he versatile Wang Chong basketball and table tennis are very good, running also run very fast, every time I was “ after ” when, always run faster than the rabbit. His singing performances have a kind of mold, many people are strange enough! A winter passed, Wang Chong’s body and several scars, just know later, because he is hard to break into the pulley, so really worth studying ah! Such a dead enemy on the stand, I can get it later. But it can be from the ‘ steal ’ learn something useful, this point “ sacrifice ” or worthy of. Anyway, Wang Chong, I admire you, but I will learn from you! A person I admire most

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My good friend
Luodan Tong, a good friend of mine is one of my good friend, she was very cute, chubby round face is black, two eyes always look to make small balls like, let people laugh and not laugh, sensitive sense of smell of the nose below long talked incessantly small mouth. Dan Tong as I have no love for the shortcomings of the labor room was chaotic in a complete mess, if nobody Cui, it is wholly intact. As long as a clean up, not a long time, and the same as the original, every time I go to her home, I will be some of the things that do not know. She was still looking at me in the wound to her face. At this time, I always told her: “ don’t be complacent, see how I do you! ” she not only does not love labor, sunglasses Oakleys but also very timid. Dan Tong timid “ &rdquo brilliant deeds; just blurt out beyond count, can speak a few verbatim. Here’s one of her deeds. And she took to the streets to play is playing to the happy and cozy, face suddenly there are two & ldquo; unknown running & rdquo; & mdash; cat, came running towards us saw we stopped. Because I prefer cats to dogs, and the two lovable cats also zhenghewoyi, I would like to pull Dantong to play the following, hand in the next search, empty, I turned to: & ldquo; eh? Anyone here? ” I look back, huh! She has always been afraid to come back, I said to her: “ Dan tong! Come up quickly! These two cats are so cute! & rdquo; the cat seemed to understand my words, Oakley sunglass case“ friendly & rdquo; to run in the past to the Dantong & ldquo; call & rdquo; come here, who knows Dantong rush called to me: & ldquo; Yaning, help! You can’t from ruin! See the ” “ &rdquo appearance, delicate and touching; I went to help her! I don’t want to let my good friend “ fall into the cat’s mouth. & rdquo; and & ldquo; not hesitate & rdquo; to run & ldquo; stepped in to help & rdquo;, I put the lovely cat to catch up, put it in front of her, said: & ldquo; the & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; words didn’t finish saying, she had to scared the bejesus out of vitality & ldquo; summon & rdquo; return, took to their heels. Finally, she gave me a “ you die ” eyes, see the cat did not dare to. So the & ldquo; glorious & rdquo; deeds are timid, who see the will mercilessly laugh, then there are, the good to listen! Dantong although like playing electronic organ, but did not see her play, once went to her home and just wanted to knock at the door, a shade of the sound & ldquo; flapping ears & rdquo. “ you, want — dry — what — what? & rdquo; I turned, see a pair of & ldquo; frighten to death a person not awesomeness & rdquo; face slowly approaching, I then gorge a fright: & ldquo; an idiot! People will be scared to death! You want to go to jail Oakley sunglasses wholesale ah! ” her a pair of none of my business appearance, said: “ I, to open the door. & rdquo; I’m going mad, until she opened the door, I did not give her the rest of the time, the she came to the electronic organ & ldquo; Devils & rdquo; said: & ldquo; you must play to me, I make up my frightened excessive loss! Or you’re going to apply “ rouge &rdquo. & rdquo; her poor Baba heart unwilling, reluctant to open the switch, she just wanted to play, and then look up the vacant asked me: & ldquo; duo in which keys? ” I fainted on the spot, said: “ you are too forgetful, and you like the loss of music, the day ah! ” she laughed and laughed, and was busy with my hand towards the door, and I thought that she was sure to use what method to “ ” I had. This is my lovely, timid, and forgetful good friend — — Luo Dantong. My good friend

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“Police” and “thief””
In our home, mom can be said to be worthy of the “ Holmes ”. I was a crime, worthy of the name “ ” and “ ”. At home, my mom and I was absolutely evil is incompatible like water and fire. I think about things carefully, mercurial, look before you leap. But brine point of tofu & mdash; & mdash; a drop a matter, I often evil, have been rub the eyes into the sand mother eye to recognize, catch a positive. “ hi! Yu Liang was born with a time, and history repeats itself. Oakley sunglasses for men” the completion of the text “” I borrow arrows with thatched boats, filled with a thousand regrets. This day, mother in the first floor to sell things, just one of my own in the upstairs. Why don’t you watch TV for a while? I quietly open TV, with relish looks, soon, then immersed in a wonderful story, the mother asked me up to do homework cast to the winds the. Suddenly, &ldquo with ” — —; a burst of rapid footsteps came. I remain unruffled surprised, quickly ran in front of the TV & ldquo; PA & rdquo; the sound, press switch, turned to his desk, a butt sitting in a chair, pretending to to read the books. At this point, “ Holmes ” has come to the scene. I glanced at her, and found she was looking at me with a stern look, and I quickly lowered her head. Saw her come to in front of the TV, touched the television ass, arraignment on & ldquo; suspects & rdquo;, a strength to ask I just doing what. I also not fuel-efficient lamp, they resorted to the killer & mdash; & mdash; shameless, contended, is reading a textbook, what else didn’t do. Magic one foot high, DaoGaoYiZhang, wily mother leave a gold heavy artillery: & ldquo; clearly is watching TV, the TV behind also chummy. You did not see, then who can see? Is not upstairs there are people! & rdquo; spicy ginger or old, to avoid and charges of harboring criminals, I had to honest confession, obediently frankly to obtain clemency. After dinner, I hang out with my mother’s shop downstairs. I took a fancy to counter infrared, pay attention to take advantage of the mother, shunshouqianyang holding down, three five except two torn wrapping paper, lovingly play. This guy is really a good stuff, press a button, immediately ejected from the various patterns of &ldquo flame ”. It’s great, I think for himself. I hurried up the scene, the infrared tucked under the armpit, ran upstairs. I think God doesn’t know, ghost not to become aware, which know mills, arms & mdash; & mdash; all this, the earliest piercing eyes of the mother found. As I get dizzy with success, forget to sorrow this sentence, went upstairs to play with infrared ray. The results are followed by the mother caught a red “ &rdquo, “ I had to confess to ”. Unfortunately, some of my extremely clever trick, the one and only creative, no one to crack the mother. Naughty I write the English words three times, mom a call to ask the teacher is showing surprising flaws; occasionally a truant game hall, in my mom’s & ldquo; torture & rdquo; and & ldquo; Sweet & rdquo; a double whammy, confessed, completely surrender, write profound & ldquo; repentance & rdquo; even modify test scores this & ldquo; Lie & rdquo; or, it is mom’s piercing eye to recognize, obediently Shushoujiuqin; & hellip; & hellip; however, when back home, grandma and grandpa said I than last time they more sensible. In the school, the teacher and the students said that I listen to the teacher in class, the job is completed, the results also improved. At the end, once again I was named the school three good student &rdquo “. Carefully think, this should be “ Holmes ” credit. Home has “ Holmes sunglasses couponso &rdquoakley; good fortune! Home has “ Holmes ”, fate na! Oakley sunglasses Australia: a very interesting combination! “Police” and “thief””

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She has changed.
People have to go to work, leaving several of our children, we became best friends. In a few children in the most love to laugh is Nana. I remember once, the big people are not, we have a few children ran to the backyard. The backyard of the scenery is so beautiful, just as we revel in the beauty, Nana said loudly: “ we went to the pond water! ” we looked at the pond! “ the water in the pond is too dirty, we find a tub sitting inside play! ” hey hey say. Everyone back to take a pot, only I stood in the pond. Nana took the pot to see, I’m in a daze, no hand basin. Give me a shot and say, “ what’s wrong? Miss big? & rdquo; I hesitated, said: & ldquo; I & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; tub & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; Nana smiled and said: & ldquo; I thought it was what provoked we miss the big trouble. The bag in my body. ” Nana then ran home, so we just came back to Qi Nana, put a big tub to me. All the water, but he dare not down on the shore. Nana swam, smiled and sat in a pot to his face. He laughed, at this moment, Nana put his right. His eyes closed quickly. “ &rdquo sound, splash; his drift on the water. We call he opened his eyes, he slowly opened his eyes. See yourself floating in the water, he was very happy! Nana came a bad idea: “ please be quiet. Let’s play hide and seek good? ” “ hide and seek? How to play in the pond? &rdquo asked his right. Nana smiled and said: “ let’s move forward, in front of a lotus leaf, lotus. ” everyone follows Nana forward, who knows the front and the steward. Nana smiled swim up and the steward said a few words. The steward put us in. Who can go in to ask what happened to Nana. A faster than a run, are afraid of the work of regret. In the pond, everyone was so happy that it was so noisy! No one can ignore what’s happening on the shore. When we are happy, suddenly caught on the shore. There is a like head and said with Oakley sunglass outlet:“ you have several P small children frighten administrator? ” the manager followed behind the head and whispered something, and the head asked us: “ and a little boy, who lied to the manager that her father was the buyer of the buyer here? & rdquo; I would like the want to feel he is in Nana said, going to the sinciput crime, the administrator to lotus leaf throw the stone. “ Oh! ” the voice of Nana, Nana swam out from the inside, smiled and looked at, swim to the shore. Administrator Nana pulled up, said: “ small P child let you lie to me! & rdquo; the head let us standing in the sun, everyone frown, only Nana still grinning, a nonchalant look. Finally next to the end station, everyone was exhausted, and Nana also took us to dabble, everybody listens to all scold Nana didn’t mind, and Nana smiled and said: & ldquo; the more he punish me, the more I and he of the to. ” you said she was a mental illness, Nana said with a smile: “ I’m not sick! ” I can’t stand her. Nana is so optimistic, the treatment of what is a word — — laugh. But recently Nana seems to have changed a person, rarely come out, we rarely see her. I saw Nana next to the garden, but Nana ignored me. It’s not happening. I am very curious, go up to pull the Nana’s hand, that she and I together to find partners, but Nana without demur, a push me, myself and ran away. What’s wrong, Nana? I was worried about her seeing her such a big change. I go to see her and decided to see her hey, prohibitively difficult. Her mother brought two stack of paper, let me and hey hey fill in, fill out, back will, her mother check recite and fill in the handwriting, and promised to see Nana half an hour. Get on a piece of paper about 30 pages, fill out about two hours, but also let Nana’s mother to check the recitation and handwriting, through the can, a total of four hours, there is no way to complete. We are ready to go, but Nana’s mother seems ready, take the stick hit us, we hurriedly fled. In the small river, I met Nana, Nana see me cry. I hold Nana, humorous to say “ miss Nana! Men sunglasses Oakley to love to laugh at miss Nana, how do you suddenly become a “Jupiter Oakley” she has changed

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Motherly love
Yesterday, grandma’s seventy birthday, we went to congratulate. Grandma was very happy to close the mouth, dad to see grandma this appearance, can not help to me about my grandmother before. “ your grandmother at the age of 7 without parents, 33 year old husband also died. Grandma became one of the pillar. For our five children your grandmother cry piteously for food, day in and day out of work. She gets up at 4 o’clock every day at night for us to do farm work, mending clothes, though bitter. But for us, grandma swallowed the pain in her stomach. Our family before every meal eat sweet potato porridge, but the holidays when to eat a little meat and meat every time, the grandmother ate the rest of the small, we just live frugally days. & rdquo; & ldquo; yes & rdquo; grandma said & ldquo; the time which have today lavish meals, even the oil have to save a drop of a drop of Oakley sunglasses remains. ” grandma to their children, alone to endure so much suffering, I really can not imagine how the grandmother is the father they raised. Now, have a baby, some parents are tired, grandma one raising five children, do not know how tired. Dad paused and said: “ grandma is a pet phrase of — &oakley sunglassmdash; are poorproud. When I was young, I home is poor, remember a steal neighbor of melons and fruits, grandma whipped, also let me remember. This is when I read the second grade, because home is really very poor, from morning till night to eat sweet potato porridge, my belly to school began to sing & lsquo; kongchengji & rsquo;. So, I and a group of small partners, to discuss how to find something to eat to fill the stomach. At this time, a family of the golden gold melon village, suddenly attracted them. We stole from the cotton drill in the past, both hands toward the attractive gold melon, unfortunately. To the neighbor came back from the field and knock off caught a positive, the result is neighbor to the front of your grandmother, your grandmother ruthlessly played a meal. ” my father’s face was filled with shame. & ldquo; Chi poor people are not poor & rdquo; even if you how poor you, you can’t do those shameful things, I want to grandma playing father when the heart is very painful, grandma how did not expect his son will to steal melons. Yes, we want to work in just ways to do, how can the in a sneaky way? Father then said: & ldquo; when I was in high school, my brother read Teachers College, my sister reading in junior middle school, home left has some old grandmother the tuition driven very tight, so I decided to do not read, helped granny with her housework. Grandma can be angry, and said to me,:‘ eat, wear point I no matter, reading is never can not read. Even if the tuition fees again, mom will get you. Remember, only reading can result, so as to honor our family. ’ grandma nodded slightly. Grandma can not read, but well aware of the importance of reading, we have run into a well-off students do not even more should be good to learn, with the results to repay the hard to cultivate our parents, teachers. Grandma to children to have ambition, tirelessly every day, so that children can eat satisfied wear warm, grandma is willing to pay any price. “ remember the 82 years, I was admitted to the secondary school, completing the police school, but the school did not admit. This news is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue to me.Slippers aanbieding FitFlopKnock down. I slept on the bed, three days did not get up, your grandmother saw me, said to me: ‘ how do you so useless! Failure is what everyone will taste, if you do not know the failure, then how do you know the success? If you really don’t know, you don’t have to do it! I really thank mom so as if wakening from a dream, enlighten me. & rdquo; my father drank a sip of tea, said: & ldquo; when I was a child, I because total carrying my brother and sister and replaced the name of patch bag, feel embarrassed, anyway refused to back it to go to school, at that time, your grandmother is pointing to her body patched clothes, told me: & lsquo; mother, do not steal do not grab, not conscience, to afford their own, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t learn culture, a person ignorant, will be looked down upon. ’ ” what does it mean to look good or not? Important thing your content, appearance and how? How do you wear, your knowledge is not enough, not to be looked down upon by others? Dad talked about here, I turned around, suddenly saw the grandmother face of aging — — wrinkle. In the wrinkles which contains how deep maternal love ah! Looking at grandma is full of vicissitudes of the face, I understand the true meaning of maternal love in a moment. Motherly love